One of the keys to healthy skin is proper care. This includes using the right products based on your skin type and abiding by the appropriate routine. But it’s important to understand that the daytime skin care regime is not enough for beautiful skin.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. During the night our bodies send blood to the skin and that’s why we have a healthy colour. If we don’t sleep enough or not at all, our skin becomes ashen and lifeless. Many scientists consider seven to nine hours of sleep to be the fountain of youth. However, sleep can’t do it all alone. That’s what the night skin routine is for, so here are the six tips every woman should know.

1.   Clean

Quality face wash and cleaning lotion are the two face care routines you should use the whole day. However, wearing makeup all day can prevent you from doing so, and that’s why they became the MUST DOs of night routine.

The first step is to remove the makeup. You can do this with cleansing milk. Its formula is rich with oils which help remove even waterproof mascara. After this, use micellar water or cleaning lotion to remove the traces of cleansing milk and completely clean the skin. In the end, wash your face with lukewarm water and face wash.

2.   Exfoliate

When it comes to the whole body routine, exfoliation is certainly a part of it. Doing this at least twice a week will remove the dead cells and refresh your skin.

It’s important to use the right exfoliator, since the products that are too aggressive and harsh can do more harm than benefit. The great thing about exfoliation is that you can use homemade products like the one made of bran and milk or brown sugar and olive oil. Be gentle and don’t rub too much to avoid damaging the skin and causing redness.

3.   Mask

Masks are something you can use twice a week, and after you’ve cleaned your skin well. They usually stay on the face for several minutes and are then removed by washing your face with water or peeling off.

You shouldn’t miss using masks since they are rich in vitamins and substances needed for in-depth skin care. That is also the reason why you should choose the appropriate one for your face, since this type of care penetrates deep within the skin and nourishes it.

4.   Moisturise

You will probably be amazed to know, but this step and plastic surgery have something in common. According to the renowned Dr. Turner medical clinic: “The aim of facial enhancement is to revitalise, refine and beautify, not to exaggerate the face.” This is exactly the same with moisturisers. They are the last thing you’ll put on your skin before you go to bed.

That’s why the product should be chosen carefully, based on the quality and effects. Don’t buy them from unreliable sources and it’s best if you consult a dermatologist before using them. Using the wrong moisturiser can upset the natural characteristics of your skin and cause problems like redness, excessive oiliness or acne.

5.   Under-eye care

The skin beneath the eyes doesn’t have any natural means or self-care mechanisms like oil glands. This is why this area needs special care even if you don’t have wrinkles. There are many products on the market based on age and the care you need.

It’s always best to choose products with hyaluronic acid which is a natural component of the skin that is depleted over time. Applying under-eye care will slow down the creation of wrinkles and remove under-eye circles and puffiness.

6.   Lip care

Lips are usually neglected in the night routine. During the day we use lipstick, gloss or balm, but at night we don’t do anything. If you want smooth and silky lips, then you should include it in your night care as well. Apply lip balm every night before you go to bed and after you’ve washed your teeth.

Just like with skin, you should exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin and keep them smooth. Make sure that you use really gentle products for exfoliation since the lips are a very sensitive area and can be damaged easily.


Having a day and night routine you perform on a daily basis will keep your skin healthy, youthful and refreshed. Even if you don’t wear makeup, the same care should apply since the skin is exposed to pollution and toxins from the environment every day.

And remember, the right care can help you maintain your skin in good condition, but a bad one can cause damage. That’s why you should visit a dermatologist or relevant expert to prescribe you the appropriate care.