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Believe in Yourself

Marriage – should we call the whole thing off?

Marriages are pretty precarious nowadays with so many of them ending in divorce. There is no shortage of advice out there on how to put the spark back in your marriage, how to make your marriage work, how to keep the romance going, how to save your marriage, how to fill in the blank....

Borderline personality Disorder, a Different Understanding

So I’ve been thinking a lot about BPD lately. Ok, that’s a lie, I think about it all the time – mostly to try and understand it and come to terms with it. A close relationship with a borderline turns your world upside down and inside out and it can take years to recover...

What’s the difference between LOVING someone and being IN LOVE with someone?

If you’re in love with someone, surely that means loving them and loving them must be the same thing as being in love with them? Alas, love is a complicated affair.Being in love is the easy part. Although it happens to you and you can’t make it happen, all you really have to do...

Do you fear being alone and need to be attached in a relationship?

“You complete me.” Remember those words from the movie Jerry Maguire? They made everyone go all mushy inside with the romance of it all but those words should really be expunged immediately, if not sooner. Those words are the modern equivalent of the fairytale happy ever after ending when the prince finds his Cinderella...

Can Music really help to heal the body?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” Nikola TeslaEvery known human culture plays music and every ancient culture believed in the healing powers of music. Many of them thought that the universe was created from sound and that music followed the same laws...

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)….should I STAY or GO!

Borderline Personality Disorder
BPD – this subject still makes me feel raw, years after the fact. Once you have been intimately involved with this condition, your life will never be the same. Remember that song by the Clash that goes like this?“Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble An' if I...

How to stay healthy when going through an emotional trauma

How to stay healthy when going through an emotional trauma
When your heart is breaking and your world is crumbling around you, the last thing on your mind is your physical health. You’re just trying to survive, right?Trouble is, treating your body badly makes everything worse.Filling your body with junk food, cycles of energy boom and bust or even pushing yourself too hard with...


When was the last time you let out  a deep belly laugh, one that brought tears to your eyes and made your abs a little sore? And do you recall how contented you felt afterwards? At that moment you were tapping into one of the oldest and most powerful medicines. And if you have...

5 Ways to Increase Your Motivation

5 Ways to Increase Your Motivation
Do you struggle to get motivated? Even the most proactive among us can find themselves struggling to get that project started, begin a new exercise program or overhaul their diet. The day to day of our lives takes over and it’s easy to find excuses not to make changes – we don’t have enough...

10 Steps to Love Myself: I Don’t Need to Be in Relationship Until I Know that I’m Ok!

I Don't Need to Be in Relationship Until I Know that I'm Ok!
Love is the web of life. At our essence, we are beings made of love. Since it is our natural state, we do not need to seek love outside of ourselves. But that is exactly what so many people do. Instead of tapping into the fountain of love that lives in our centers, we...

I Feel Stuck in My Life! Ten Ways to Help You Get Unstuck

“Oh, help!” said Pooh. “I’d better go back.” “Oh, bother!” said Pooh. “I shall have to go on.” “I can’t do either!” said Pooh. “Oh, help and bother!”AA MilneDo you identify with Pooh’s stuckness? What about with Elizabeth Gilbert? In this quote from Eat, Pray Love, Gilbert (2006) reaches despair over her married life sobbing on...

10 Ways to Create a One Year Vision Statement… Change Your Life with the Power of Intention!

We can go through life believing that it happens to us, we can believe that life happen for us, or we can choose to co-create with life. Many people get so caught up in the grind of surviving that they forget to actually enjoy it, and experience life as something that just goes by....

Loneliness… 10 Ways to Beat It!

We all have moments of being alone. The Dalai Lama recommends that everyone spends some time alone each day. Our alone time is precious, it is when we can meditate and connect to the true essences of our centers. Even feeling lonely is a common human condition, and it is normal to experience short...

10 Step Guide to Starting a Meditation Practice

Starting a Meditation Practice
Meditation has been used by spiritual practitioners for thousands of years as a path to experience transcendent states of consciousness and liberation. And modern scientist are discovering that a consistent meditation practice offers a wealth of benefits for physical and mental health.Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, chronic stress, fatigue, irritability, and...

What’s the Difference Between LOVE & ATTACHMENT in Relationships?

Joining with another person is a natural human urge. We are drawn to share emotional and physical intimacy, to laugh and cry, have families and build lives with people who know us inside and out. The greatest human ideal is unconditional love, freely given and received. But many of us fall short of that...

Stress Will Kill You… 10 Ways to Destress and Live!

10 Ways to Destress and Live
We live in one of the most dangerous times in human history. Not because the world is any more physically dangerous than in the past or because we have difficulty meeting our basic survival needs, at least not in developed nations. No, our world is dangerous because of how we perceive and react to...

Breath, the Key to Life: 10 Simple Breathing Exercises

Breath, the Key to Life
How often do you notice that you are breathing? How many times a day do you pause in your busyness and take a deep breath, feeling the oxygen and life energy move through and revitalize you? If you answered “rarely” or “never,” you are missing out.Scientific research is confirming again and again what wisdom...

Self Love is the Key to a Fulfilling Life but How Do I Learn to Love Myself?

Self Love is the Key to a Fulfilling Life but How Do I Learn to Love Myself
We often hear that loving oneself is the missing piece when it comes to creating positive change in our lives. When you learn to love yourself first, all sorts of radical changes occur. All very well and good, but exactly how do you love yourself unconditionally when you don’t know how? Here are eight...


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