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Let’s Get Moving

6 ideal snacks and drinks to keep you on your feet during a marathon!

Running and jogging are two amazing forms of exercise for the overall body fitness, peace of mind and relaxation of the soul. The feeling of running on a never-ending track can be uplifting and primal, nonetheless, sometimes the feeling of extreme nausea, weakness, and dizziness can take over within seconds.Have you ever felt that...

Keep Up the Pace: 5 Safety Tips for Runners

Running is a great form of aerobic exercise that is good for your heart, lungs, muscles and bones. However, you must be careful if you want to stay safe while you are out running especially if you run on sidewalks and roads around your town. As daylight hours lengthen and you have more time...

5 Ways to Lose Fat from Your Thighs Effortlessly

We all wish to lose fat from our body and lead a healthy and fit life. Isn’t it? But often some people are quite unlucky to have heaps of stubborn fat around their thighs which are really difficult to shed off. While there are people who like to have heavy thighs, there are some...

Bodybuilding workout routine — 7 days workout plan

Introduction:It is possible to achieve your bodybuilding goal with 5 days workout plan. The gurus of bodybuilding and experts have introduced 5 days workout plan for all person to go with this in the gym and they will get their desired results.Workout plan for five days is the most popular workout program among all...

Is Yoga Helpful for Heart Health and Lowering Blood Pressure?

If you’re worried about your heart health or if your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure, ask if yoga is appropriate for you. Chances are, the answer will be yes—there are definite benefits from practicing yoga, including:Increased blood flow. Regulated adrenal glands. Lowered blood sugar. Improved balance.Yoga has also...

Weight training for weight loss

Looking to lose weight?If so, then join the club, as hundreds of thousands, if not more, of other people all across the globe right this second, are looking to do the exact same thing as you.The problem with losing weight is the fact that unhealthy food tastes so darn good, and, in another of...

7 Healthy Snacks To Keep In Your Gym Bag

7 Healthy Snacks To Keep In Your Gym Bag
We have all been in that situation where we wished we had a healthy snack in our purse or gym bag.  Instead, you end up eating something you really did not want (processed food or another latte) and then regret it.  "If only I had packed something healthy," you say.  Don't get stuck with...

How I changed my diet to lose 40 lbs.

How I changed my diet to lose 40 lbs.
I got really sick, overweight and hit a low in 2010. I had a highly stressful job, was a coffee addict, ate very poorly (takeaway and pre-packaged food all the time), didn’t exercise at all and drank wine to relieve stress on weekends. All my bad habits, combined with an enormous amount of stress,...

10 Ways Yoga Can Help Addicts

Yoga Can Help Addicts
Of the many ways that we limit ourselves, addiction can be the saddest and most frustrating. It is one thing to be in the throes of a degenerative disease or virus. It is a whole other to know that we are basically killing ourselves because of our choices - or inability to make choices.But...

8 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Finding and maintaining a healthy weight can be an elusive goal. With the abundant access that most of us have to all types of food products that contribute to weight gain, and our modern sedentary lifestyle, being in the shape we want can seem impossible. This is especially true if you want to lose...

How to Lose Weight with Coconut Oil – And Why It Works

Common understanding about nutrition changes all the time. Diet fads pop up every day trying to lure people into using a particular new product. But sometimes the old, readily available foods can provide exactly what we need.Coconut oil, along with other tropical and saturated oils, was been debased as an unhealthy food during the...

10 Reasons to Do Weight Resistance Exercise

10 Reasons to Do Weight Resistance Exercise
You probably have heard how important exercise is for you. Consistent exercise is a key factor in maintaining physical and mental health, especially as we age. But different types of exercise have different effects. Even just walking every day is helpful. But to get the most benefits possible from your exercise time, consider incorporating...

Do I Breathe Through the Nose or Mouth When Exercising?

Do I Breathe Through the Nose or Mouth When Exercising
Effective exercising is all about form. Two people can do the exact same workout and have completely different results depending on how they move through the routine. An often overlooked but very important aspect of effective exercise form is proper breathing. Like everything else in life, breath is the beginning and the end. Of...

Breathing in Yoga Is Just as Important as the Poses

Breathing in Yoga Is Just as Important as the Poses
If you only paid attention to mainstream media depictions of yoga classes, it would be easy to believe that yoga is all about contorting into camera-ready aesthetically pleasing shapes. But the physical poses are only one small aspect of a full spectrum spiritual practice. What Is Yoga?  The word yoga means "to yoke, to bring together...

Exercise Daily… Start With a Walk

Walking exercise
Exercise is one of the fundamental things that you need to do to live a long, happy, healthy life. It increases your lung capacity allowing oxygen to flow freely around your body to all the vital organs. Exercise encourages the elimination of toxins, releases happiness hormones and reduces anxiety and stress. Why then is...

Yoga Therapy for Cancer: Will It Help?

Yoga Therapy for Cancer: Will It Help?
Alternative therapies for cancer treatment are being explored in a variety of settings. Even some conventional doctors are beginning to recommend complementary health practices like meditation, art therapy, prayer, and yoga to support people living with cancer.Yoga therapy is a relatively new modality that is based on and derived from the ancient practices of...

CrossFit Basics

What Is CrossFit?
Exercise is a primary component of a healthy lifestyle. Here at MHLC we believe that only nutrition is as important as exercise for helping us be happy, healthy, and vibrant. There are as many different ways to exercise as there are people on this planet. Let's take a look at a popular relatively new...

Can Yoga Be Therapeutic?

Therapeutic Yoga
Yoga is an ancient school of philosophy from India. It includes practices for the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga has been used as a tool to support spiritual evolution for thousands of years, and continues to offer a wealth of benefits to modern practitioners. But modern yoga classes consist mostly of young people in...


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