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Weight Loss

8 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Finding and maintaining a healthy weight can be an elusive goal. With the abundant access that most of us have to all types of food products that contribute to weight gain, and our modern sedentary lifestyle, being in the shape we want can seem impossible. This is especially true if you want to lose...

Why a Raw Food Diet Is a Healthy Weight Loss Option

Raw Food Diet Is a Healthy Weight Loss Option
In the quest to find and maintain a healthy weight, switching to a living foods lifestyle may be the most effective and sustainable way to reach your goals. Eating a high raw or completely raw diet can help you burn excess fat, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, boost metabolism, and support the overall health of...

5 Ways to Lose Weight by Not Eating Meat

Lose Weight by Not Eating Meat
 While many people turn to a vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based eating approach as a means to lose or maintain weight, weight loss is not guaranteed, even with this radical lifestyle change. Many new plant-based eaters make a number of mistakes while transitioning into their new lifestyle and eating plan. Heed the following tenants to...

How Organic Meal Replacements Can Help You Lose Weight

Meal Replacements for weight loss
 If you have been struggling with that "last 10 pounds" for a while, it can be tempting to take drastic measures to lose excess weight. The keys to healthy, sustainable weight loss are eating a diet of mostly fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds, and frequent vigorous exercise.It is basic math - you can...

Top 5 Weight Loss Calculator Websites and Apps

Weight Loss Calculator Websites and Apps
 Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. If you are committed to being as healthy as possible by losing excess weight, there are many resources available to help you. Even just a few years ago you would have had to join a club or go to weekly support groups to get...

5 Ways To Go Vegan To Lose Weight

5 Ways To Go Vegan To Lose Weight
 Although there are many reasons for choosing a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, many people first consider a plant-based diet in the pursuit of weight loss. Vegan and vegetarian diets typically contain higher quantities of fresh, whole food relative to the standard American diet, which is high in processed fare and fast food.While a vegan...

The Changes to Make to Change Your Weight

Changes to Make to Change Your Weight
  Sometimes, when we’re feeling ready for a change, we want it to happen fast: impossibly so. At the moment of commitment, fast couldn’t be fast enough. While the following 12 tips won’t peel weight off you like an unhealthy cleanse diet, they will instill the necessary behavioral strategies to make a lasting change and...

9 Tricks for Sustainable Weight Loss

 According to the World Health Organization, 1.4 billion adults were overweight or obese in 2011. That is over one sixth of the world's population. The combination of sedentary lifestyles and limited understanding of how to truly nourish our bodies is literally killing us.Those of us who have the luxury of access to plenty of...

Relax Your Way to Weight Loss? – Restorative Yoga Benefits and the Stress Connection

Relax Your Way to Weight Loss
 What if we told you that loosing weight is simpler than you might think? This is little bit of a trick question. Maintaining a healthy weight is a complex dance that is controlled by our genetics, eating choices, activity level, and other lifestyle factors. It is definitely easier for some people than others to...

Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss with Juicing

Many people struggle to lose weight, thinking they have to follow some fad diet or eat nothing but grapefruit. Fad diets often work because they severely restrict your caloric intake. Unfortunately, most of the weight you lose on a fad diet comes back quickly after you return to your normal eating habits.Juicing is different!...

Breakfast Mistakes That Are Causing You To Get Fat

Breakfast Mistakes That Are Causing You To Get Fat
Breakfast is arguably the most challenging meal of the day. Unless you have created a morning routine that is structured and organized, you might be in a hurry or focused on responsibilities other than eating. Unfortunately, because mornings can be so hectic, breakfast often drops on the list of priorities.This must change if you...

Weight Loss Tips for Vegetarians

Tips for Vegetarians
While for some, going vegetarian and loosing weight go hand-in-hand, that is not the case for everyone. Some people find that losing weight on a vegetarian diet can be trickier.The good news is that weight loss can be more sustainable for vegetarians. As it is not a fad diet but rather a total lifestyle...

Minimize Your Holiday Weight Gain with these Tips

Weight loss our tips
Everyone tends to splurge a bit during the holiday season. It is a time for enjoying friends and family, not focusing on counting calories. I’ll admit, I tend to indulge a bit more around the holiday season, but I’ve found ways to enjoy the weeks leading up to the new year without going overboard....

Proven techniques to lose weight safely and keep it off

 Weight loss is a tough project to undertake, but for a lot of people it is a necessary one. Being overweight is dangerous to your health as it puts you at risk for several medical issues which can be potentially fatal. That being said, it is a very good idea to lose weight, but...

Find how to start losing weight in 10 days

start losing weight in 10 days
Many people struggle with being overweight. This not only hurts their physical appearance but it is also very unhealthy. Overweight people are at an increased risk of developing several medical issues. Therefore, it is suffice to say that it would be a good idea for them to find ways to lose weight fast. This...

Overcoming the Challenges of Weight Loss

Overcoming the Challenges of Weight Loss
Millions of people around the world battle weight issues. For many, it is the biggest health risk they face and it creates a multitude of other health issues. The sad thing is many of these problems are avoidable with just a few lifestyle changes. The Risk of Being Overweight Countless medical problems are associated with being...

25 Fast Weight Loss Tips

If you are looking for free weight loss tips, then you are definitely in the right place. Use these weight loss tips to help you reach your ultimate weight loss goals. You will find that you begin to look and feel better in just a matter of weeks. Here are some of the top...

10 Fast Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips
Looking for some free weight loss tips? Being sure to get on a smart program plan is one of the best things that you can do to promote better success. While there’s no question that you definitely have to have the commitment levels to follow through with your plan if you hope to see...


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