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10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
Women who are trying to conceive or have just learned they are pregnant are eager to learn as much as possible about health. A healthy pregnancy protects the baby and increases the odds of a healthy birth and healthy child.The healthiest pregnancies begin before conception. If you are planning to get pregnant, schedule an...

Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy
Bleeding during pregnancy can be a very scary thing. Is it normal or abnormal? What does it all mean, and when should you really worry? What is normal vaginal bleeding, and what is a sign of a miscarriage?Here’s the good news: With every stage of pregnancy, a little bit of bleeding is normal, and...

Planning to get pregnant? 15 things you should do to have a healthy pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy
The time you spend preparing for your pregnancy can improve the health of your baby. If you are hoping to conceive within the next year, now is the time to make health improvements. These 15 things support a healthy pregnancy. 1. Create a conception and pregnancy plan. Include what you want to do to boost...

Essential Foods to Include in your Diet during Pregnancy

Your Diet during the Pregnancy
Every pregnant mother has at least a basic idea on the kind of health food that she is supposed to consume while pregnant. These healthy foods for pregnant women include lots of water, plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and food that include omega three fatty acids.But once you’re out there among the...

Why it is Important to Exercise during Pregnancy?

Importance to Exercise during Pregnancy
It might seem as if there are a lot of things you cannot do during pregnancy. You must eliminate certain foods, give up caffeine, refrain from drinking alcohol, and leave many of the pet care duties to your significant other. Fortunately, there are some things you can and should continue to do during pregnancy.Exercise...

Top 3 Yoga Moves for Each Trimester of Pregnancy to Stay Fit

Yoga Moves for Each Trimester of Pregnancy to Stay Fit
Yoga is a great tool for reducing stress and staying fit during pregnancy. It is safe, as long as you choose asanas (poses) that are suitable for pregnancy. Yoga can even make pregnancy, childbirth, and post-labor recovery easier. There are many benefits to practicing prenatal yoga, including tension relief around the cervix and birth...

Find Information on Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs
Pregnant or not? For many, that’s the nail biting, riddled with anxiety question. But is it as easy as you think it is to identify the key signs and symptoms of pregnancy, before the test strip tells you so?And how can you know for sure? When it comes to pregnancy, there are both common...

Healthy Food for Pregnancy

Healthy Food for Pregnancy
When you are pregnant your body will experience new sensations and needs never felt before. This is true for several areas, but especially true for your diet.You want to make sure that you eat only healthy food that will provide your fetus with plenty of nutrients so that it can develop at a normal...

Do you know things to avoid during pregnancy?

Things to avoid during pregnancy
Pregnancy changes your body and makes you responsible for the health of another human being. For many women, this leads to behavioral changes and a healthier lifestyle.If you want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, speak with your doctor about your specific needs and the needs of your baby during pregnancy. Some of the...

Pregnancy and Exercise – Safety Benefits and Guidelines

Pregnancy and Exercise – Safety Benefits and Guidelines
You’ve seen all those women let themselves go once they begin a family and you’ve told yourself that you’re not going to be one of them. Well, if you don’t already work out regularly then your first trimester is when you should begin.Working out during pregnancy will help regulate weight gain, strengthen your body...

Risks and Realities of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy
 The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates about 16 million adolescent girls give birth each year. The reasons for adolescent pregnancy vary from cultural norms to lack of sex education to violence against women to slipups with birth control.Regardless of the circumstances leading a girl to become pregnant during her teenage years, pregnancy presents a...

5 Must to Do Workouts after Pregnancy

Pregnancy Exercise
New mothers tend to fall into one of two categories: those who cannot wait to return to exercising and those who may or may not have exercised prior to pregnancy but have little desire to do so now that they are busy with a newborn.Regardless where you stand, exercise is healthy after pregnancy, as...

Your Body after Birth and How to Deal with It

Your Body after Birth and How to Deal with It
If you have recently given birth to a baby, you already know your body is adjusting to no longer being pregnant. If you are pregnant, you might be concerned about the changes that lie ahead for you. All women experience a transition phase after giving birth that can increase in severity depending on the...

High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy …. Know the Real Facts

High Blood Pressure and Pregnancy
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a serious problem all on its own. It can cause potentially fatal issues such as heart attacks or strokes.That is why it is recommended that people get regularly screened in order to determine whether their blood pressure is elevated or not. However, when you combine it...


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