Pregnancy is a great period in a life of a woman, but it affects her in so many ways. Your hormones will rage, you’ll gain weight, feel everything from nausea, through constipation and bloating to teeth problems and hair loss, so it will probably seem like a nightmare at some point. However, knowing that after nine months of carrying your bundle of joy, they will finally be in your arms, and you’ll see them smile and grow up, makes it all worthwhile. Yet, even after you get to hold your little one in your arms, your body will continue to go through a series of changes.

You may feel nauseous
babyProbably the strangest thing after having a baby is that you’ll eventually feel as if you were pregnant again. The hormone imbalance will probably make you feel nauseous, cause migraines and make you reach for another pregnancy test. However, you shouldn’t worry too much, because a majority of women feel exactly like that in the first six months after pregnancy, and it’s usually either because of the hormones or from the gallbladder.

Bone problems are possible too
Your body will never feel the same after pregnancy. This is especially true for your spine, back and all the ligaments in your body. Luckily, Sydney has some of the best chiropractors, and they’ve done wonders for my bones. Not only did they adjust my body after pregnancy, but they’ve also helped me with some of the old injuries that were putting a lot of strain on my body. Everything from hips through tailbone and pubic bone was back in line after only one visit to the chiropractor.

Hormones will run wild
Remember how even the tiniest things used to annoy you, and how even family commercials sometimes made you cry during pregnancy? Well, a postpartum phase often goes hand in hand with mood swings because your hormones continue to go wild. Your hormone levels won’t be balanced for some time after your little one is born, so your body will be gradually adjusting, which will cause occasional feelings of sadness, anger, or sudden irritation.

You may suffer from hair loss
hairHair loss is perfectly normal during pregnancy, and even afterwards. I have never had trouble with hair care, but once I started to wash my hair after my delivery, I was appalled by the sight in the bathtub. I literally lost almost a handful of hair after every wash and I was seriously concerned about my health, but I shouldn’t have been. It was just another one in a series of changes my body was going through after pregnancy, so don’t worry, because it won’t last for a long time.

Baby weight will stick around
womanYou were carrying your baby inside you for nine months, and during that time, your body grew, building up the fat that nourished your little one, so you can’t expect to get your pre-baby figure in a month. Months may go by and you’ll still see your flabby tummy, and the muscles in your abdomen won’t be as strong as before, but it’s all normal. If it took nine months for your body to adjust through pregnancy body transformation, it will probably take you the same amount of time to get back into your favourite skinny jeans. However, if you’d like to get your pre-pregnancy figure back faster and feel good about your body sooner rather than later, a mummy makeover is the best solution. A combination of a tummy tuck and a breast lift will help you make that flabby tummy tight again, while your breasts will return to their former glory. You can also have a breast augmentation or liposculpture as a part of a mummy makeover, if you notice that diet and exercise can’t help you get your ideal figure back.

Final thoughts
Hair loss, nausea, mood swings, a completely different body and various other problems are all a part of your pregnancy. Even though they say it lasts for 9 months, you can easily count the first few postpartum months as a part of your pregnancy as well. So be prepared for many more changes. Don’t rush anything, but let your body go back to its pre-pregnancy state on its own.