Happiness is an inside job. It is something we cultivate from the inside out, a path that leads only back to itself. But there are ways that we can allow more happiness to move through us. Positive affirmations work by training the subconscious mind to hold new belief systems. Repeating a phrase multiple times creates neural connections, and ultimately can affect how we feel about ourselves and the world.

Using Positive Affirmations

You can work with affirmations any time or place you like. Using them frequently is the most important part. But we tend to be more connected to the subconscious mind right before we fall asleep at night and right after waking in the morning. When you are lying in bed at night and in the morning are great times to repeat your affirmations. Some people even like to place a written affirmation near their beds, so they are sure to see it and remember to repeat it in the morning. Starting your morning with an empowering positive phrase can set you up to have a wonderful day.

You can also try working with a mirror. Once you have the affirmation memorized, say it to yourself while looking into your own eyes. This is a form of self-hypnosis, programming your mind to hold this new belief by saying it to your reflection.

While it is best to say the affirmations out loud, they can still be very effective when repeated silently. This is a great way to keep using the affirmation even while you are at work or in another situation where speaking affirmations aloud would be inappropriate.

It is usually most effective to pick one affirmation and work with just that one for a few days or weeks, until it becomes automatic and you feel like you truly believe it. Then move on to another one. You can repeat the affirmation as many times as you like each day, even letting it become part of your inner monologue.

Many people are helped by choosing affirmations that are just a little outside of their comfort zones not completely unbelievable, but that push the edges of plausibility. For example, if you are trying to invite more prosperity into your life, you might not say I am rich if you actually feel like you do not have any money or resources, since that is so far outside of your current perception of reality that your mind might dismiss it. But saying something like I am connected to a limitless supply of abundance, and I open to experience real prosperity in my life in a tangible way is true and believable, and can help you expand your perception in a sustainable way.

Eventually you can make your own affirmations, focusing on what you would like to experience more of in your life. But as you are learning this practice, these affirmations can serve as a starting point for creating your new perspective.

1. I create relationships that are joyful and mutually uplifting, so that I may experience the happiness of sharing my life with others.

2. I am connected to the infinite abundance of the universe. I open to experience true prosperity and financial sustainability.

3. I honor the healing process of my body, and am excited to watch it become healthier and healthier every day.

4. I know happiness is inspired by having purposeful work. I am ready to begin using my skills and talents to work in a way that is meaningful, abundant, and perfect for me.

5. I recognize that that I am made of love, and I now let go of anything that blocks me from living as love.

6. I choose to forgive myself, and I choose to forgive and release anyone who has every wronged me, so that I can live in freedom and joy.

7. I feel my connection to the limitless fertility, wisdom, and joy of the Earth, and I choose to strengthen that connection every day.

8. I choose to assert clear boundaries to feel safe and protected even as I keep my heart open.

9. I know that true joy comes from within, and I now release whatever is limiting my connection to my center so that I may experience the full power of my natural state of happiness.

10. I will share my gifts freely with the world, so I can feel the happiness of shining my light and living as love.

These are just a few of the countless phrases you could use to invite more happiness into your life. Let the power of positive affirmations gently transform you from the inside out, allowing your to connect more with your natural state of radiance and joy.