A dedication to healthy living is about more than just following a strict diet or exercising a few times a week. Healthy living is a way of life. And, like any big undertaking in life, we could all use a little motivation, a little advice from experts, and a place where we know we can go to get support to keep moving in the right direction.

Thats why My Healthy Living Coach was created to give you one place you can go to get information about nutrition, exercise, beauty, wellness, personal care, parenting, happiness and so much more.


MHLC (My Healthy Living Coach) is made up of an experienced team of health professionals and specialist content writers who are passionate about healthy living and sharing the information they learn with you. We find the latest research and tap into the leading experts to bring you information you can apply to your own life. On myhealthylivingcoach.com youll find articles, videos, recipes and expert Q&As.

There are days life can get overwhelming. Between pressures at work, taking care of the family and just trying to stay one step ahead of the game, taking care of yourself and your personal well-being often fall off the priority list. Were bombarded by the lure of fast, processed meals that turn good intentions into poor food choices, and we often allow time crunches to keep us from doing what we know is best for our well-being.

Thats where MHLC can help!

Were here with valuable information about why healthy living matters as well as the tools you need to go from I should to I am. From how-to exercise tips and routines to recipes that are healthy and easy to follow, MHLC is your partner in improving your life and the lives of your loved ones.

We know its not easy. But, like any good coach, were here when you need us, with the information you need, and every day well have new information to help you on your journey towards becoming the best and healthiest version of you. Sometimes it takes baby steps and sometimes it takes giant leaps. MHLC is there to support you on the good days and the challenging days.

And were not done looking for more opportunities to help you improve your life. In the near future, look for the Interview of the Month with celebrities and leading experts sharing advice on nutrition, fitness, weight loss, happiness and more!

Our goal is to help you live better and feel better and to share that information with your friends and loved ones and ultimately make the world a better and healthier place.

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