Being an adult can be really hard sometimes. The responsibilities of keeping a life going can overwhelm us, until we compromise our dreams and resign ourselves to just getting by. But I do not believe that we are given this incredible life to just go through the motions. Its impossible that we have been given our imaginations and talents just to waste them on drudging through our days.

Until it is conditioned out of them, children believe that they can have whatever they want. At a certain point most of us loose that sense of limitless possibility. But we can get it back. If we can be clear about what we want, and especially if it is something that would serve the world, we can have whatever we want with the necessary mindset and work.

Show Gratitude

Before we can create the life we want to live, we need to be grateful for the life we have. Complaining and resisting only strengthen what we do not want. To get what we do want, we need to emanate the vibration of appreciation. Then we can attract opportunities, people, and experiences that can move us in the directions of our dreams.

Believe that You Actually Can Have What You Want

A key component of manifestation is belief. If you do not believe you can achieve your goals, you have already sabotaged yourself before you even begin. Do whatever processing, trauma-clearing, psychological work needed to actually believe that you deserve what you want and are capable of bringing it into your life.

Dream Big

Push the edge of possibility. Do not worry about what you think you can or should do. Focus on your biggest, brightest, most heart-swelling dream. The one that makes you jump out of your chair and do a happy dance. What is the most daring vision you can imagine?

Clarify Your Desires

Are you certain what you want is truly your deepest desire? The things you put your energy and focus into should excite and delight you to think about. You should wake up in the morning with ideas bursting out of your skull. There may be challenges and self-doubt along the journey of manifesting your desires. But for the most part, you should feel all the way to your soul that this is what you really want.

Know Why You Want What You Want

Another key to getting what you want is knowing why you want it. Sometimes we think we want one thing, but when we explore the reasons we want it, it turns out that any number of things would satisfy the true desire. For example, you might think you want to be a billionaire. But when you explore the reasons you want that, you realize that you actually want to be able to live in a beautiful place and have the time to work on creative projects that you enjoy. So instead of focusing on getting the money, which may or may not make you happy, you can focus on creating the life that will give you what you want.

Be Willing to Work

Anything is possible, but not everything is easy and immediate. Especially if your desire is large or requires a big shift in your life, you may have to put in considerable time and effort to get what you want.

Tell the Right People

Sometimes we need to dream together to bring our ideas to life. Most of the truly great ideas in human history were created through teamwork. Even if your desire is a solo one, it still helps to share your vision with others and get ideas, feedback, accountability, and support. Just be sure to share with people who truly support you, and would be excited to see you succeed.

Live As If

The law of attraction and other principles of manifestation tell us that in order to create the life we want, we need to create the vibration of that life in our bodies. We need to live as if our dreams have already come true. So imagine how your life would be if you had what you want, right now. How would you feel? What would you do with your time? How would you interact with the world?

A Little Every Day

Big ideas can seem overwhelming. It is important to keep your eyes on the prize, but it helps to focus on the smaller chunks. Do something every day that moves you in the direction of what you want, however large or small.

Be Committed

This is the big one, and makes all the difference between wishing for something and actually making it come true. Most famous inventors and artists had to put in countless hours and years of work to bring their creations to life. Most successful people are that way because they tenaciously persevered through setbacks and challenges until they got what they wanted.

Though it is harder to believe as an adult, you can have whatever you want. Provided that what you want does not hurt other people or interfere with their free will, of course. To get what you want you must be willing to put in the time and effort required. And most importantly, you need to believe in yourself, and your ability to manifest the life of your dreams.