Let us face it, at one point or the other we all want to look fabulous and be fit. However, we are never able to do anything about it because the idea of signing up for gym is tiresome and 45 minutes of working out always seems a tad too long.

A flat belly and a well-shaped bum are never easy to get but with the right morning exercises, you can be able to achieve your dream body. Here are a few easy exercises you can include in your workout routine to achieve your desired results.

Warming Up

Before beginning any heavy workout exercises it is important to warm up your body to avoid shocking your muscles. Warm up exercises are meant to help you ease into the intense workout routine. Stand with your legs far apart and stretch until you touch your toes sideways. You can also squat slowly until you get down and come back up again slowly and stretch out completely to engage your whole body. Two minutes will be enough for the warm up routine.


This exercise may seem easy when you look at someone else doing it but it needs a lot of concentration to be able to do it properly. To do a good plank, lie flat on your stomach on your mat then place your arms on the ground at 90 degrees to raise your upper body up. Do the same with your feet and ensure you are supporting yourself using your toes.

Keep your back straight and suck in your stomach. Planks concentrate on your belly and core thus helping to reduce the fat and eventually gain a flat and abs if done intensely. Hold this position for 60 seconds daily or more for better results.

Jumping rope

Not only is jumping rope easy but it can be done anywhere anytime and you decide how intense you want it to be in terms of speed and the number of times you jump. Jumping rope is beneficial in helping you burn 10-16 calories per minute when done moderately and consistently. Imagine how much calories you would burn if you jump rope for three minutes.


Crunches are very useful in building abdomen muscles that are strong. When crunches are done on a regular basis they can help you gain balance. Simply lie flat on your back with your knees bent and the feet kept on the ground. Keep your hands crossed on your chest and inhale as you lift your upper torso off the ground and exhale when going back down.

A minute or two would suffice for this exercise. Be keen not to lift you whole torso because that will change from a crunch to a sit up. Repeat this up to ten times and increase the number as you get used to it.


Many people cringe at the thought of squats because of the pain that they come with forgetting that they keep our butt, hips and thigh muscles well toned and build the leg muscles.

Stand upright with your feet slightly wider than your hips and toes pointed outwards. Contract your abs and descend as though you are sitting on a chair behind you then come back up to your initial position. Repeat up to twenty or repeat for two minutes and increase gradually.

Mountain climber

Mountain climbers target your glute and leg muscles, core muscles, shoulders and your chest.

Mountain climbers can be included in your warm up session before you start weightlifting or go for a run. Simply get into a push-up position and pull your leg inward and upwards towards your belly. Do this in one swift move and move your leg back then alternate legs. Two minutes would be enough for this exercise.

Push ups

To strengthen your triceps and biceps and gain muscle in the chest area you need include two minutes of pushups. Pushups also help you to gain a good posture and avoid lower back injuries and they are definitely good for cardio.

Get into a plank position but slightly higher.

Support yourself using your palms instead of the arms. Lower yourself steadily until you almost touch the ground then come back. Ensure that you do not arch your back while doing pushups.

Remember it is important to cool down just as you warmed up. The same exercises you do while warming up can be done when you cool down. Take a minute to cool down before you conclude your 15 Minute Morning Exercise.