Toxins interfere with the bodys ability to burn fat effectively, leading to weight gain and other health complications.

It is imperative you detox your body to reduce weight, enhance the immune system and improve the quality of life. But do it carefully, as a Harvard study has shown many detox recipes, especially commercial ones, might not just hurt your wallet.

Here are five carefully curated detox smoothies you should consider for restoring your system back to its normal state.


A smoothie made of berries not only tastes great but helps get rid of toxins.

Berries contain high levels of phytochemicals. These are naturally occurring nutrients that protect the body cells against harmful free radicals. Berries are 90 percent water.

They also contain vitamins and minerals. These elements are natural detoxifying agents. They also prevent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, Parkinsons and urinary tract infections.

The good thing about a berry smoothie is that it is easy to prepare. You will need a cup of frozen berries and half a cup of natural yogurt. You will also require half a cup of orange juice, purified water and some ice cubes.

Pour the orange juice into the blender. Add the yogurt into the juice with the ice cubes. Toss in some berries and blend until the mixture becomes thick and creamy. Remove the mixture from the blender and pour it into glasses.

Add whipped cream and a few berries. Your smoothie is now ready for drinking. Make sure you drink berry smoothies regularly to achieve optimum results.

Ginger Spice

Ginger has many powerful components. It stimulates the digestion system and enhances the proper circulation of blood. It also speeds up the rate at which the body removes unwanted substances through the sweat pores.

Its effect on digestion can help prevent the buildup of wastes and toxins in the colon and liver.

Through proper detoxification, the body retains its natural cleansing process. This promotes better defense against diseases and weight-gain.

According to a scientific study, the detoxifying properties of ginger are due to a high concentration of powerful chemicals. These chemicals are known for their actions against inflammations on the GI tract.

They foster a good environment for the buildup of enzymes that neutralize acids and support the entire digestive process.

You will need one nub of ginger, two teaspoons of cinnamon, spinach and purified water to prepare a ginger smoothie.

Mince the ginger and spinach before placing them in the blender. Add one tablespoon of cinnamon to the mixture. Blend until the mixture becomes thick and creamy.

Always drink the smoothie while it is still fresh.

Green Tea

A homemade detox tea is one of the most popular regiments used by people from all walks of life. Green tea is made up of natural polyphenols known as flavonoids that support the bodys active detox system.

Polyphenols stimulate the liver to actively get rid of toxins. They also act as antioxidants that fight free radicals. The free radicals are very unstable and must be removed immediately before they damage healthy cells.

Green tea is also a common ingredient used to enhance weight loss.

You can increase the effectiveness of green tea by blending it with dried orange peel, dandelion plant, nettle leaf, lemon grass and liquorice root.

These additives not only add flavor, but they also increase the effects of this regime on the colon. You must detoxify every morning and evening for perfect results. The morning part is designed to refresh your system from the evening detox.

The morning refresh should contain a blend of ingredients that have high levels of antioxidants and vitamins. It is recommended you use acai berries, ginseng or spirulina to enhance its quality. When complemented with ahealthy lifestyle, this regime can have a significant impact on your well-being.


Kale is a popular low-calorie food packed with proteins, vitamins A, C and K as well as potassium. Kale has the high levels of antioxidants and can help detox the liver and reduce inflammations. It is filled with sulfur, a great detoxifying agent that works to keep the liver healthy.

Kale can also guard against certain cancers and increase the amount of iron in the blood.Researchersat Oregon University have linked kale to some hypothyroidism complications.

It is imperative you talk to your doctor if you have this condition before you use this regiment to be on the safer side.

You will require a handful of kales, apples, hemp seeds, ice and a cup of coconut water. Steam the kale to break down its structure before you mix it with the other ingredients.

Place all the ingredients in the blender until the mixture becomes smooth. It is recommended you use baby kale since it is easier on the blender than a curly one.

Cocoa Bliss

Cocoa is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals. The antioxidants help to slow down the free radicals the body generates.

Cocoa has more flavonoids than any other food. The flavonoids help to accelerate the rate at which the body gets rids of toxins. Apart from fighting toxins, cocoa can help prevent high blood pressure, heart disease and cancers.

It acts on the bodys defense system and suppresses chemicals that cause inflammations.

A creamy vegan cocoa smoothie will do a lot of wonders. You will need two ripe bananas, frozen, cocoa powder, a cup of ice, spinach and flaxseed meal. Mix all these ingredients in a blender. Blend until you get a thick and creamy smoothie.

Drink every morning and before you go to bed for optimal results. This blend is one of the most effective detox smoothies around.

We need to detoxify our bodies regularly to maintain a good health. Detoxing should not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Try the detox smoothies discussed above to prove that it doesnt have to taste badly. It only takes some discipline and vision to achieve whatever you want with your health. Take matters into your own hands and make healthy smoothies today by yourself.

People who have used these regiments have a lot of stories to tell. Jenifer Lopezs toned and glowing skin show why such smoothies will work for you. Not to mention, David Beckham, who has launched a series of campaigns to entice people to eat healthy and stay fit like him.