Looking to impress your Vegan sweetheart with a nice bottle of wine this Valentines Day? Then make sure the wine you pick is vegan.

You may not think about wine being non-vegan. After all, it comes from grapes. But it turns out many wineries use animal products to help in the clarifying process.

Some of the more common ingredients include gelatin, chitosan (from crustaceans), egg albumin (from egg whites), blood and bone marrow, and even an ingredient that comes from the stomach of fish.

Thankfully, plenty of winemakers have found alternative ways to clarify their wines so that vegans can toast a glass and know that were doing something good for ourselves and the earth.

Girasole Vineyards from Northern California offers wines that are organic and GMO free. Whether youre looking for a Pinot Blanc, a Chardonnay or a Sangiovese, Girasole has wines you can feel good about drinking and sharing.

The Vegan Vines name says it all. Their wines are made without the use of any animal products. Instead, they allow the wines to settle naturally, and sterile filtration is used to remove undesirable particles and keep the wine fresh. The Northern California winery is best known for their Cabernet Sauvignon but also offer a Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Four Chimneys Organic Wine is a New York winery that claims to be the first organic winery in the United States. They rely on hand and tractor weeding and mulching as opposed to herbicides and filtration to provide the cleanest wines without the use of animal products. The winery is best known for its sweeter wines, including dessert wines and ice wines.

Green Truck Wine from Red Truck Wines is the brands new certified organic and vegan wine. And no matter what your style of wine, you can find a Green Truck to fit it. They offer Cabernet, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel.

For those of you looking to share a little bubbly with your special someone, you have a few vegan options to choose from. On the more economical end, theres Korbel. But if you really want to make the evening special, pop open a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Your valentine will thank you!

As someone who enjoys a nice glass of wine now and then especially on holidays and special occasions Im happy to know there are many options out there. And even better it seems more and more wineries are taking notice of the need for vegan wine. Cheers and Happy Valentines Day from us to you.