If you think about it, running and jogging is pretty basic but it wasnt until the 1960s that the term Jogging became the mainstream and it became an actual routine; a sport of sorts for many!

Switch Running Routines Wisely

As far as sports are concerned, there are many forms of it and one can actually witness most of them during the Olympics, of course. The athletes at these events are no doubt professionals who perform beyond the abilities of your average Joe. The real question is; how can that average Joe include running or jogging as a part of their routine to enhance their physical abilities while having fun?

There is no doubt that any routine becomes boring after a while and its always great to mix things up to keep them exciting, fun and something to look forward to.

For this reason, here are 5 ways to switch your running routines wisely.

1. Gear Up To Step Up!

Get ready for a big challenge. Find a space with a lot of stairs; a stadium or a park open to the public. There is nothing complicated once you have found the ideal space. Just run the stairs again and again. Take the opportunity to test your limits. Take a stopwatch along and time yourself. Try to beat your time every round.

This will keep getting more challenging with each round but you will always have the downhill way back as an incentive for the high-speed recovery time. Just make sure that you dont fall while trying to be speedy on the way down!

2. The Tabata Training

This is for the ones who would like to challenge themselves with speed. The idea is simple. Run as hard and as fast as you can for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and then simply repeat the process for another eight times.

It is flexible, as you can do this on plain surface or stairs or however you want to do it. Gradually build your stamina for short sprints while challenging yourself with speed and keeping it interesting. It might be a little difficult in the beginning so it is advisable to build your stamina gradually before adopting the training routine in full swing.

3. Stroll or Jog through natures park

It is always great to jog through a favorite neighborhood route but it can get a little boring sometimes. When that happens, walk and jog through the woods nearby on a trail.

While you will get the exercise you desire, this healthy change will freshen up your mind and give you a sense of peace as well. Just make sure that you choose a trail thats safe and that you have the right pair of sneakers for the off-road adventure.

4. Make a game out of it

The best way to make anything fun is to make a game out of it. We have all had our moments of making games out of different things. A simple example would be of stepping on tiles after a certain gap in a building and whatnot! Just like that, make a game out of your running routine as well.

Pick spots on your route and alternate between sprints and a comfortable space between the spots. Picking spots is obviously not a technicality. It could be a stop sign or the end of the street or you can even come up with something like running till you see a red car!

5. Find a running buddy!

An office routine of 9 to 5 can be tiresome. Adding a running routine to it can seem a bit too much at times but you can ease it out simply by adding the social aspect to it. Everything seems more enjoyable while socializing.

Add the social component to your running routine as well. Find a running buddy or you can even join a jogging club. You can unwind with your buddy while jogging and of course, there can be a post workout refueling session of your choice. Just make sure you dont nullify your exercise by consuming fizzy drinks at the end of it. There is more room to change things around in numbers as well. You can make racing and chase games out of your running routines as well.

Staying fit is important but doing it in a thrilling manner is better. Switch your routines wisely to stay fun and challenged