Running and jogging are two amazing forms of exercise for the overall body fitness, peace of mind and relaxation of the soul. The feeling of running on a never-ending track can be uplifting and primal, nonetheless, sometimes the feeling of extreme nausea, weakness, and dizziness can take over within seconds.

Running and jogging

Have you ever felt that way before?

These bad feelings can be categorized into different slots such as the dehydration, blood sugar levels dropping, heart rate increasing, heat affecting the body and so on. While there is a perfect solution for each, nevertheless, it is not necessary to drink and eat between a run unless you decide to run for more than an hour in one stretch.

The idea is to consume liquids and solids which are easy to digest so that they dont turn into stomach cramps and tummy twists!

For this reason, we bring you the ultimate snack guide as a partner for your run so that you gobble away and dont feel fatigued while being on the track ever again!

Drink Up!

Drinks can help us stay hydrated, especially during summer time. A long run can be rejuvenating as long as you keep pouring liquids inside of you to stay fresh and active. Wondering which drinks are ideal for a run? Look below!

Drinking Water

Coconut Water: While coconut water reminds us of beaches and breezy islands, little did we know that this baby is ideal for a jogging break! As our body sweats out electrolytes, coconut water refuels them so that you dont get nauseated again.

Coconut water is known to provide the Awesome 5, namely, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Moreover, it gets digested easily, making itself to the top of the list for athletes and joggers!

Honey Water:Honey water, when consumed warm can help curb flu and sore throat but it is also on point when it comes to running in the heat. Since honey is full of energy, antioxidants, potassium and natural sugars; it is the perfect drink youd like to carry with you when planning to jog.

While the water will keep you hydrated, honey will work its way to improving the blood sugar levels, relieve a headache and much more.

Green Tea (Iced)with Honey:Taking small sips of green tea is perfect while running as green tea can help burn fat and boost the metabolism. With honey added to the mix, the blood sugar levels can be enhanced and honey can also provide the body with potassium.

Snack Up!

Sometimes we can feel hungry while running and other times we can simply feel drained out. For both the reasons, simple homemade snacks can do just the right trick without causing any trouble.

Diet Changes

Bananas:Bananas are a great source of energy. Dont resort to energy drinks as a single banana can provide you with the same amount of energy while offering much more, naturally.Carry a ripe banana with yourself next time and munch on it bite by bite whenever you feel low or dizzy.

Dates:her fruits. Simply pop a date in your mouth as you run or jog and feel the difference!

Homemade Energy Sticks and Bars:Homemade energy bars and bites can be the best compared to all other foods, especially processed snacks. While this will not completely hassle free, nonetheless, these bites and bars will provide you with the ideal amounts of energy and taste like none other.

Create your own favorite mix but for the ideal bars, combine:

dates/figs, rice-Krispies, honey, brown sugar and coconut flakes.

Frozen Berries and Grapes:If you want to be refreshed in one bite, these babies are exactly what you need!

Carry a box or a bag full of frozen berries and grapes with you and pop them in your mouth whenever you feel like it. Not only will they be low in fiber but will be high in vitamin C and be perfect for muscle cramps (if any).

Dont think too much! Carry your favorite snack with you and boot your energy in one bite, one sip!