Created by Stanley Burroughs for treatment of stomach ulcer, the lemon detox diet has become a fitness rage today. He surmised that before treating any condition or symptom the body should be completely cleansed internally. Today this thought process has evolved to cleansing the body to keep it healthy and prevent the rise of any ailment. And one of the best ways to flush out the toxins and keep your system healthy is to stick to a liquid diet plan like the lemon detox diet.

But there is more to the natural goodness of this diet than just flushing out the toxins. It works as a natural fat burner and elevates the energy levels without the need of external supplements or drugs. When you opt for a liquid diet weight loss program the excess fat in the adipose tissues are systematically and naturally burned off and eradicated along with the harmful free radicals. Remember, our body has the ability to flush out the toxins itself. This diet is simply a way to further help our bodies to do so.

There are two schools of thought here. One which looks at the lemon detox diet as a strict and short term liquid diet weight loss which is meant to cleanse the system and prepare the body for a more rigid exercise and diet regimen. In this case the dieter does not continue with the diet plan beyond a few weeks. The dieter needs to make the right mix of the lemon juice and consume it at least 8-10 times a day for at least 2 weeks.

The right mix

Take 4 oz of cold/warm Water.
Squeeze in half a lemon
Add 2 tbs of pure Maple and Madal Bal tree syrup
Stir in just a pinch of your choice of Cayenne Pepper
Add a pinch of Ground Ginger
Mix another 4 oz of cold/warm Water and stir well

The other is to look at detoxing with lemon as a regular liquid diet plan which will aid in keeping fit and healthy for a long time to come, may be forever. In this case, it becomes an essential part of the dieters daily regimen and helps maintain the good health balance. This lemon detox diet usually includes a glass of lemon juice with warm water in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Either way the diet is extremely beneficial for the body. Even those who suffer from extreme obesity may do well to begin with this diet which energises your system and helps in preparing you for the next phase of rigorous dieting.

Benefits of the all-natural and effective lemon detox diet
The liquid diet plan provides the necessary nutrients needed for the bodys functioning
Vitamin C from the lemon, a powerful antioxidant, helps fight infections and builds up immunity
Madal Bal tree syrup supplies essential minerals
Sugar from maple syrup energises the body and curbs sweet cravings
Support the biochemical balance in tissues and cells
Actively assists in cell regeneration
It provides a liquid medium to ease the flushing of toxins from the body
The acid from the lemon juice helps in detoxing by cleaning out the digestive tract and acting as a detergent to break down unnecessary stored fats
Cayenne pepper works as stimulant and along with ground ginger speeds up the metabolic rate, helps burn fat faster, boosts up circulation, eliminates toxins and raises energy levels
Together they burn more fat and aids in effective bowel clearance flushing out toxins faster

If you are opting for the two-week liquid diet weight loss plan then try and avoid animal protein intake and focus more on fruits and green vegetables. Make sure that your return to normal food intake is slow and light till your body adjusts to regular food.