Smoking is a vicious habit but, unfortunately, a lot of us do it. We are aware of all the negative effects it has on our health yet we are not able to overcome its addictive qualities. Well, in fact, we can. More than two thirds of all adult smokers want to quit and over half of them succeed. It is a tough battle, but it helps when you know that you do not have to go through it alone. In the end, different strategies will have different effects on people, but here are some of the best ways to stop smoking.

First thing to do is to prepare yourself mentally. Stopping yourself from smoking is a battle thought mostly in your head since it is unlikely that someone will come along and force lit cigarettes in your mouth. It is important to have the right motivation in order to quit. Smart stop smoking tips say to make a list of all the positives which will come if you do manage to quit. First of all, there is your health, but this is something relatively abstract which you cannot see for yourself. Another good reason would be the money. Calculate how much money you spend in cigarettes each month and imagine all of the other things you could buy if you stopped smoking. A good motivator would be to put aside all that money and spend it on something fun for yourself.

Some claim that all of the best ways to stop smoking involve going cold turkey. Others, however, disagree. Smoking is, after all, an addiction since cigarettes contain nicotine. If you try to stop all of a sudden, your body will start to show the effects immediately as it starts to crave nicotine again. Best course of action is to start by limiting the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis.

If needed, you can look for nicotine substitutes until your body no longer feels the need for this substance. You have gum, lozenges and patches which contain nicotine, as well as pills which can be prescribed by a doctor.

In order for the stop smoking tips to be effective you are going to have to make some sacrifices. You need some lifestyle changes if you want to quit permanently, at least for the first few weeks. Every smoker has certain triggers, activities where their desire to smoke greatly increases. For a lot of people this involves drinking alcohol, whether alone or with friends. Others want to smoke after meals or while they drink coffee. It is important to limit these triggers or to find adequate substitutes for smoking.

There are many ways to stop smoking. If you try one of them and it does not work out, try another. Many people quit and start again before they are able to give up smoking completely. Just because your first attempt did not work out does not mean you have no other alternatives. Just remember that you are doing this for your health.

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