This smoothie is so simple and easy to make. It great as a breakfast smoothie, but also can be a dessert in hot weather or healthy snack with loads of protein, fiber and phytochemicals. The fruit adds natural sweetness, and the yogurt makes it rich and creamy. The fibers from oats help control your blood sugar and keep you feeling full until lunch and the cashews give you extra protein. Because all of that, this banana strawberry yogurt smoothie is an awesome way to start a day in a healthy way.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2


1 cup quartered strawberries
1/4 cup raw cashews
1 banana, frozen
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup plain yogurt
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

For decoration:
1 tbsp strawberries, finely chopped


Place the yogurt, banana, strawberries, cashews, rolled oats and vanilla extract in a blender.
Pulse a few times, then puree until smooth.
Divide between two glasses, top with chopped strawberries and serve immediately.