SlimQuick comprises a range of products to manage fat. The shake is designed specifically for women is claimed to be a perfect diet shake due to the patented form of minerals and green tea.

In fact, the main components of this formula are caffeine and green tea extract. The other ingredients cannot boast of some proven positive effects. Therefore, the price of $24.99 seems to be overestimated for the number of cheap ingredients.

The efficiency of the product is detailed in the SlimQuick review. Nevertheless, the following should be taken into account:

  • Many customers feedbacks relate to side effects including nausea, rapid heart and anxiety. In addition, the manufacturer is involved in a case claiming that some ingredients cause damage to heart and liver.
  • The provided information about the clinical studies is flawed.
  • High amount of stimulants, which cause insomnia, anxiety and other side effects
  • No feedbacks relating to weight loss efficiency have been reported.

In short, this product has a rather arguable efficiency and a potential to cause health issues. The market of diet shakes offers many alternatives, which can be safe to your health and provide losing weight performance.

Acai Berry Supreme

This is a diet product with the Acai berry extract. This rich in nutrient berry provides an amazing antioxidant effect. This berry originates from Amazon forests and has many benefits, including losing weight, increase of energy, skin quality improves and removal of toxins. The nutrients of Acai Berry Supreme comprise amino and fatty acids, fiber, iron, vitamins E, C, B and calcium. This product has no FDA approval and it is difficult to find any information about its health effects. In addition to Acai Berry Supreme, you may find other diet products by the same manufacturer: Acai Berry Wonder and Acai Berry Boom. They have similar appearance and are designed for the similar purposes.

Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia

Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia is a qualitative diet pill for those who aim to lose weight. This supplement is produced in the facilities that are approved by the FDA. A certificate of GMP evidences that you will not find any impurities or contaminations in this product. The content of Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia includes natural extracts and ingredients, the main of which is the extract of Garcinia Cambogia. It is an Indonesian tropical fruit rind, which can boast of numerous benefits to lose weight. Actually, this extract blocks the enzymes that create fat. Considering the fact that Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia contains rather qualitative ingredients, the product has a quite affordable price of $35.99. In addition, the price includes a diet book, where you can find the appropriate program for losing weight.


Sletrokor is a pill containing natural ingredients to obtain the winning results in losing weight. All of its components are natural and have numerous positive health effects such as increased metabolism, fat burning, stabilization of blood sugar, reduction of blood pressure, and others. You wont find any stimulants or filler ingredients in Sletrokor. The product provides an amazing performance and does not cost a fortune. You can purchase this diet supplement for $35.99.