If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or have lived with it for a while but are looking for a way to improve your condition, you might want to try yoga for diabetes. Believe it or not, there are specific yoga poses that are considered highly effective for helping people cope with diabetes. Even if youve never tried yoga before, there are plenty of classes for beginners, so theres no need to feel intimidated. Youll feel healthier and more comfortable in your day to day life with these yoga poses.

You might be wondering: How does yoga help control diabetes? Yoga helps combat obesity, which sometimes goes hand-in-hand with diabetes. It can help you stay in shape, lower your body fat, and even help control your blood sugar level. It can help decrease stress, tone the abdominal muscles to help create a strong core, help to stimulate your nervous system as well as circulatory system, and it can help you feel healthier and stronger in general, which may in turn lessen the urge to overeat.

One way to start with yoga for diabetes is with some simple squeezing of the abdominals. This will help your pancreas function better. The most important thing to remember will all of the yoga poses is breathing. This is vital to the practice of yoga, increasing your mind and body awareness, and helping to relieve tension and stress. Some people also try meditation, which helps calm the mind even more.

Another pose a beginner can start with who wants to control diabetes is called the easy pose. Sit cross-legged and straighten your spine, sitting up as tall as you possibly can. While you do this, take deep breaths, and try to feel a sense of tranquility. A second simple yoga pose you can try is some simple stretching of the shoulders. You can sit on your knees to do this one and stretch your arms behind your back. This helps to relieve tension in the chest and the shoulders, where most people tend to carry the bulk of their stress.

There are numerous other yoga poses you can practice to help control diabetes, such as the sun salutation series of postures, spinal twists, forward folds, the tree pose, leg raises, and many more. Even seemingly simple poses such as the corpse or relaxation pose can have tremendous health benefits. Breathing techniques can lower a persons blood pressure, and make you calmer. In doing some of these poses, youll begin to notice that your flexibility and the feeling of your joints and muscles are greatly improved, which can in turn make other forms of exercise feel better.

As you may now be able to guess, yoga for diabetes not only improves ones body, but ones mind as well. You may not think this is important, but if youre coping with diabetes, anything that can help relieve stress will greatly benefit your overall health. Also, studies show that people who are more stressed tend to hold onto body fat longer than people who are more relaxed.

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