The condition of your skin can say a lot about you: it can reveal your diet, your bad habits etc. We all want to have beautiful skin becomes it makes us look younger. Half the time, looking younger also makes us feel younger. We have more energy and we feel more active, therefore we want to maintain our skin looking as healthy as possible. This can be achieved if you follow some basic tips which will help you achieve your goal of younger looking skin:

Protect your skin from the sun. Studies have shown that the number one cause of skin aging is exposure to sunlight. Of course, you cannot completely avoid the rays of the sun unless you go live in a cave somewhere or underground. However, you can ensure that you use the best protection in order to help your skin look younger. Try to limit your time in the sun as much as possible during high intensity hours. When you are out, use protective clothing and also put on sunscreen with a sun protection factor higher than 15. Sunscreen will last for a couple of hours, then you need to reapply it. The length will shorten if you go in the water or tend to sweat a lot.

No smoke. If you want younger looking skin, you really need to avoid smoking. This habit has been definitively linked to skin aging. The main reason for this is that smoking inhibits the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein in our body that, among other things, gives skin its strength and elasticity. Our bodies stop producing enough collagen naturally with age and that leads to wrinkles. However, smokers will speed up this process significantly.

Watch the alcohol. While drinking alcohol is nowhere near as bad as smoking, it does dehydrate you which will not do your skin any favors. That being said, it is possible to limit the effect drinking has on your skin by also consuming plenty of water between drinks.

Clean skin. If you want to look younger, you should ensure that you clean your skin daily. The biggest problem is the face. Many women will go to sleep without properly cleaning off their makeup and this will have a negative effect in time. It is a simple, yet bad habit which should be eliminated out of your routine. After cleansing you should also apply moisturizer in order to protect the skin from drying out during the night.

A good nights sleep. Getting plenty of rest is essential for younger looking skin. Whenever you have a bad night and do not get enough rest you will look tired and have bags under your eyes.

Extra care while shaving. Most people shave, whether it is their face, their legs etc. However, the problem is that shaving can irritate your skin when you do it incorrectly. Therefore, it is recommended that you shave after a bath or shower when the hair is soft and always use a sharp razor which has been cleaned beforehand.