When looking at practical diets that are easy to follow, show results quickly and are created by an expert, there are two that are getting a lot of attention.

The Golo Diet got more searches on Google than any other in 2016, and the Bizzy workout and dieting plan is featured on Bodybuilding.com, which is one of the worlds leading sites on bodybuilding, weight loss, nutrition and health supplements.

So, lets see which one is fares better.


Golo was created by Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist specializing in anxiety and depression, and his team of doctors and pharmacists.

Its the fruit of about five years worth of study into dieting and weight gain.

They concluded thatinsulin plays the largest role in determining weight gain and loss.

Reviews of the GOLO diet plan show this weight loss plan is based on supplying the body with the right amount of insulin so that you lose weight, keep it off, look great and have a lot of energy.


This weight loss and fitness plan was created by Cory Gregory.

He is a NESTA fitness coach and an exercise specialist with a Columbus State University degree.

In addition, he is Westside Barbell certified and a CrossFit level 1 trainer.

He says this program is for those who are already somewhat in shape and are in the habit of doing intense exercise or weightlifting and have just been out of the game for a short period of time.

Such people should be able to see this program through without much difficulty and look great in three weeks.

There is a special Bizzy plan for men and one for women.


With the Golo plan, you can pretty much eat whatever you want while taking the special Release supplement pills and following their eating, lifestyle and exercise plan.

Exercise could be as a minimal as five minutes per day.

With Bizzy, you workout four to five hours a week, a little over an hour per session, alternating between working your upper and lower body.

Each session is done HIIT (High-intensity interval training) style.

You are encouraged to get some activity in on the two rest days, and you follow a strict eating plan the entire time, which guarantees you eat less calories than you burn, and there are absolutely no cheat days or treats allowed.

An eating plan and supplements are provided with this one as well.

While you may not get an award for muscle man or woman of the year, you can expect to get a pretty celebratory build while losing up to 20 or more pounds in three weeks and learning the guidelines and perseverance needed to train and live like this for life.


It costs $180 for all the suggested supplements with the Bizzy plan. However, many have done it without them.

You can expect to feel great without being plagued with constant headaches or cravings by doing the full deal here.

The good thing is, the supplements are all you have to pay for. The entire plan is free to print out.

With Golo, it only costs you $39.95 for the first 30 days. This includes the supplements, exercise guides and dieting plan.


Each of these diets can be efficient for its target market.

Well, you cant even see the entire Golo plan unless you pay the $39.99 for the 7-day kick-start, but once you do, you receive a months worth of Release pills, and you can expect to lose about 4 pounds and two inches in that first week.

Pay about another $40 a month to keep the pills coming, and Golos staff is on call 7 days a week to address your questions and concerns through the toll-free number.

On average, in the first 90 days, those who followed the Golo plan lost 20.6 lbs, two dress sizes or 3.1 pants sizes and decreased their age by more than 8 years metabolically speaking.

Bizzy reviewers were all pleased with their results and were planning to stick to it to see even more results; however, a few did wish they could get in some cheat days or treats.

According to Golo reviewers, it definitely worked, and people didnt have to do anything extreme with Golo saying you could do just five minutes of exercise a day.

However, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week if not 75 minutes of intense exercising.

Also, while taking Release, you may notice that you dont crave sugar. This is intended.

If you do have a lot of sugar, you may get stomach cramps and gas.
Those on the Bizzy plan were pleased with their results becausethey lost inches and fat and gained muscle as the diet advertises.

Most of the reviewers said that they only lost a few pounds despite the diets guarantee; however, this may be because they didnt use the supplements.

One in Comparison to The Other

Anyone who can afford it can do the Golo weight loss plan.

Since its designed to supply you with a steady stream of insulin, it would be a good choice for diabetics or prediabetics as well.

Those who dont have a lot of time on their hands and are not physically capable of an intense workout course like the Bizzy plan would do better with Golo.

Those who want to go on the Bizzy dieting plan should already be used to such a high intensity workout regimen and be prepared for a very strict diet.

The good news is, it can help you return to your advanced fitness level or help you surpass it.

The bad news is that it doesnt even allow fruit until the end of the three-week course.

At this point, there is a list of recommended fruits from which you can choose.

Final thoughts

When it comes to diets that are not so much like dieting but a way of life that is easy to fit into your everyday meal plan and lifestyle, then Golo seems like the obvious choice.

Although each diet was created by a professional, you should talk to your doctor before beginning.

The Pills that come with Golo are safe for everyone whether they are taking other medications or not.

Remember, things you may not even consider are causing weight gain, but bottom line, youre in control of what makes you happy!