Black Forest Cherry Brownies Recipe By Elaina Love


4 cups soaked and dehydrated walnuts (about 2 cups before soaking)
cups packed, pitted dates
cup carob powder
2 tsp. cherry extract (frontier herbs) or 1 Tbs. Eden Cherry Concentrate
Optional: 1Tbs. coconut oil for an extra rich almost fudge-like brownie
cup coarsely chopped, dehydrated walnuts
cup dried cherries or raisins coarsely


Soak the walnuts for 24 to 48 hours rinsing every 12 hours.
Dehydrate the walnuts at 110 degrees for 12 hours.
Puree the nuts in a food processor until it becomes a fine meal/ almost nut butter.
Add dates and continue to puree until well mixed in.
Add carob and cherry extract and coconut oil applicable and puree again.
Mix in the chopped walnuts and dried cherries with your hands.
Press into a brownie pan. Refrigerate for 1 hour before slicing.
Serve with fresh cherries or other berries if desired.