When fall and winter roll around, you may be looking for natural ways to improve your immune system. The fall and winter months are notoriously big cold and flu times of the year, and after turning to a healthy diet and making simple lifestyle changes, practicing yoga to improve your immune system is a little known but big-benefit course of action.

Even if youve been diligently eating wholesome foods and exercising, you may still feel like your body is out of sorts or run down on occasion. The most important thing to do to keep improve your immune system is to heighten your attention to proper self-care.

How to improve your immune system with yoga and natural remedies

The strength of your immune system depends on many factors, including your commitment to a healthy diet, the elimination of unhealthy foods, and your intention on positively managing stress. Just as your body must be nourished properly to improve your immune system, your spirit must be fed with adequate emotional support, in order to tackle any immune system challenges that can arise due to viruses, climate changes, and environmental toxins that enter the body.

Throughout the year, fluctuating weather, periods of mental exhaustion, and other factors contribute to a compromised immune system. Practicing yoga can help improve your immune system by warding off illness in several ways.

When youre looking for ideas on how to improve your immune system, turn to yoga. Practicing yoga will improve your immune system by

Detoxifying and oxygenating the blood
Balancing hormones to keep the immune system strong
Reducing fatigue and stress, which inhibit the functionality of white blood cells
Triggering the expulsion of viruses and bacteria from the body through the lymph system
Aiding in muscular contraction, which builds immunity

Whether you experience a weakened immune system due to changes in outdoor and indoor air temperature, air quality, airborne viruses, or simply stress-related issues that come up in your life, practicing yoga to improve your immune system is a safe, natural, and peaceful way to bring your body back to a place of balance and wellness.

Environmental conditions are often beyond our control, but stress is one of the leading causes of weakened immune systems, and if we can properly manage stress were on our way to building a strong immune system that can withstand most challenges.

Chronic stress lowers our white blood cell count, which is the bodys most important line of defense in fighting pathogens.

Its easy to keep stress at bay and improve your immune system by practicing yoga and meditation, 2 gentle and simple ways to keep the mind and body alert and functioning optimally.

When you practice yoga, youll realize how to improve your immune system best, by incorporating soothing, oxygenating breathing techniques and joyful postures that regulate the entire body. Studies show that participating in 20 minutes of gentle, enjoyable exercise each day lowers the risk of disease and boosts the immune system. They key is finding a way of moving the body that brings you pleasure, and many people find that the peaceful practice of yoga is a pleasing way to exercise and improve the immune system.

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