The ancient Yogis would be astonished at the idea of using Yoga to improve ones sex life. Part of the work of most classical Yoga lineages was to redirect sexual energy towards meditative practices so that the practitioner could experience liberation from desire.

But the gift of living in these modern times is that we get to be both spiritual and sensual, if we so choose. Many practitioners are creating a life that balances the work of spiritual cultivation with work in the world, relationships, family, and sexuality.

Whatever we might think about Yoga, it has many gifts to offer the modern practitioner, including increased health in body and mind. And one of the areas that Yoga is supports our happiness in the bedroom.

Feel More

Yoga invites us into a deeper experience of our sensations and feelings. Carefully paying attention to how our legs are placed in a standing pose trains us to carefully pay attention to how our body feels when we are in a, ahem, laying pose.

This expanded capacity to be aware of bodily sensations makes us more likely to enjoy the attentions of our partners. It also helps us notice what feels good to us and what does not, so we can communicate our needs and desires to the person touching us.

Yoga also invites us to connect to our emotional feelings more. As we learn to open our hearts on the mat, we are more able to open our hearts to the ones we love. This vulnerability increases intimacy. And the best sex is inspired by deep intimate connection more than anything else.

Deep Presence

The one thing all Yoga teachers agree on is that Yoga inspires us to be more present. The work of training the mind to focus on the present moment, to breathe deeply and keep our attention fully on the here and now, greatly improves our ability to enjoy sex.

As we learn to notice all the subtle information our bodies give us as we practice, we are more able to notice our pleasure. We also have greater skill at noticing the responses of our partners.

Being a good lover is only partly about technique. The mark of a really fantastic lover is his or her ability to stay fully present and connected, without getting lost in thought. The most intimate couples breathe together and feel each others sensations, almost as if they are one being with two bodies. Yoga helps us be deeply open in this vulnerable, connected way.

Lets Get Physical

On a purely physiological level Yoga is great for sex. It reduces stress and balances the nervous and endocrine systems, which inspires the production of more sex hormones. Yoga improves flexibility, which helps us be more creative and comfortable in our sexual positioning. It also increases endurance, which is always a good thing in bed.

Certain Yoga poses increase blood flow to the pelvis and genitals, helping us to get aroused more easily and fully. The subtle energetic seal mulabandha increases the tone of the pelvic floor and invites more sensitivity in the genitals and better orgasms.

A 2009 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine proved that a consistent Yoga practice improves the sexual function if women, including increasing arousal, desire, frequency of orgasm, and overall enjoyment.

Comfort in Your Skin

Yoga teaches us to love and accept our bodies, no matter what. This radical self-acceptance improves body image and increases confidence. Confidence is sexy in anyone, regardless of age or size.

This increased self-acceptance allows us to more honestly share what we like, so we are more likely to experience what will actually pleasure us. It also makes us more comfortable being naked, playful, curious, and experimental with our partners. And our comfort with our own bodies creates a space in which our partners can feel more comfortable in their own bodies, as well.

Once considered antithetical to sexuality, Yoga actually holds many benefits to the modern sexually active person. From increased pelvic circulation to becoming more present, Yoga may be one of the best aphrodisiacs available. If you are wanting to spice things up in the bedroom, look no further than your mat.