This dish was a look in the fridge and see what inspires me kind of day. Baby mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baby corn on the cob, celery which didnt excite me hugely until I spotted the jar of pickled onions and capers! Capers are intensely flavourful and can liven up any salad. They contain iron and vitamin K, which was a good enough place to start.

Celery is a great vegetable as it contains next to no calories, acts as a diuretic, reduces inflammation, improves mood and in studies done at the University of Illinois, seem to suggest that eating celery regularly can prevent breast cancer cells forming. It also contains a flavonoid called luteolin, which is supposed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, particular in the pancreas.

To make this salad I halved the baby tomatoes, wiped and destalked the baby mushrooms, chopped the celery and corn on the cob and threw them all into a salad bowl and tossed them in some olive oil. Sprinkled with pickled onions and capers and chives.


(serves one)

90g baby mushrooms
100g cherry tomatoes
100g baby corn on the cob
100g celery
15ml capers
15ml pickled onions
chives to garnish