An 8-year-old Texas girl has juicing to thank for beating cancer.

Josie Nunez suffered with terrible headaches and sore throats. Doctor after doctor couldnt help her. When one doctor conducted a CT scan, they found the cause of Josies pain a tumor on her brain. Josie went through the common treatment protocol for brain cancer surgery, radiation and three rounds of chemotherapy. Through it all Josie felt terrible, barely slept and was down to 42 pounds.

Even through these harsh treatments that seemed to attack so much of Josies little body, the cancer remained. Doctors discovered another tumor in the center of Josies brain.

Josies father was desperate for a solution. Something. Anything. Thats when he found Dr. Bernardo Majalaca in San Diego. Dr. Majalaca was not another oncologist or neurologist. He was a naturopathic doctor.

After learning about Josies history and treatments, Dr. Majalaca tested her pH levels. The answer was right there. Josies pH was so low it barely registered on the test strip. Acidosis a condition where theres too much acid in the body was killing her.

Diet and pH Levels

A normal pH level is 7.4. pH stands for potential of hydrogen. Anything below 7.4 is considered acidic. Anything above that is alkaline. When the body is normal or slightly alkaline, its heavily oxygenated and cancer cells cant survive. But in an acidic environment, the tissues dont get the oxygen they need to stay healthy. It can become cancerous and in this unhealthy environment, cancer cells are able to grow and spread.

pH is known to be primarily impacted by diet. Diets high in animal protein and salt and low in fruits and vegetables lead to acidosis.On the other side the healthy side a diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes can keep the bodys pH in the normal range.

In order to digest acidic foods, the stomach has to produce sodium bicarbonate which then produces hydrochloric acid. Eventually, hydrochloric acid builds up and the body becomes acidic. The more of these foods you eat, the more acidic you may become. Unfortunately, most foods in a standard American diet are acid-forming.
Plant-based foods have the opposite effect. They help keep acid levels in check and keep disease at bay.

Raise Your pH With Juice
Juicing can be a powerful way to raise the bodys pH level towards the normal range. As mentioned earlier, when the body has to work hard to digest certain foods it becomes acidic. Juicing eliminates the need for the digestive system to work and instead sends the nutrients straight into the blood and cells without the need for acid formation to break the food down.

Lemon juice is one of the best ways to raise your pH level even lemon juice added to water. You may think of lemon as acidic, but inside the body, it has an alkaline-forming effect.

Another extremely effective combination is carrot, beet and cucumber juice. Celery juice, too, can help raise pH levels to create a healthy environment in your body and one that isnt welcoming to cancer and disease.

Success for Josie
Juicing turned out to be the answer for Josie. Dr. Majalaca treated her with dietary changes to increase her intake of alkaline foods including juicing. Josie stopped eating meat, dairy and processed foods and started drinking green juices.

Just a few months later, Josie and her family received the news theyd dreamed about. Josie was cancer-free not from chemo, not from radiation, and not from surgery. Josie was cured through the power of juicing and diet.