Many might believe that the perfumes are used to hide the body odour or make a lasting impression in a crowd, but if you go by the facts then fragrance you wear also speaks about your personality. While the selection of perfume solely depends on your personal choice or your favourite fragrance, it is equally important to find the fragrance that suits your personality.

If you are always confused while selecting the right fragrance then here are the fragrances that complement different personalities. Find out your personality and the suitable fragrance to complement it well. This way you would be making a mark on whoever you meet!

  • Cool and composed personality When you say cool and composed personality, the first things that comes to your mind are maturity and grace. If you are having calm personality then the fragrance you wear should also be calm and soothing. You find yourself wearing formals more than casuals or always dressed up as if heading to the meeting room, then you should aim for soothing fragrances like mild florals. The idea is to soothe your surroundings with the fragrance that complements your personality. Floral fragrances are classics and are more appropriate for women.

Recommendations Versace Signature by Versace, Kenzo Flower, Banana Republic for Men, Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani, Crystal Flowers by Montale.

  • Sports Lover If you are the sports lover and not so conscious about your make-up or looks then you need something that define your personality exactly the same way. You love to spend your time on tracking trips, indulging in the favourite sport, or camping in the woods, then you are the sports lover personality. Strong citrus fragrances are for you. Not that this fragrance speaks everything about your love for sports or the outdoor activities, but it will be the perfect one to complement your activity level. The kind of activity you like to indulge in may involve more sweating and hence strong body odours. Citrus fragrances stay for long and also cover up for your high activity level.

Recommendations Eau de Cartier, Amore Vince Camuto from Vince Camuto, Chanel Cristalle.

  • Nature Lover Show your love for nature with the fragrance inspired from the nature. Woody scents that offer earthy and warm fragrance are good for the nature lovers. Fruity and floral scents are based on natural fragrances. However, the fragrances like sandalwood, patchouli, and cedar are more near to nature due to their woody scent. The woody fragrance would make you and your surroundings filled with the scent of nature. By wearing this woody fragrance, you would complement your near to nature personality quite well.

Recommendations White Woods by Clean, Calvin Klein Obsession, Armani Code Pour Femme.

  • Exotic and Modern For the modern exotic personalities, fragrance needs to be modern as well! The oriental fragrance based on scents of exotic flowers, vanilla, and oriental spices would complement your bold personality. Oriental scents make a lasting impression on people who come in your contact. You would be actually making a statement wherever you go with these oriental scents.

Recommendations Black Opium from YSL, Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Guerlain Linstant de Guerlain.

  • Casual and Simple So you want to be yourself? Shy, beautiful, and sexy! You deserve a girl-next-door type of fragrance. The scent that melts in your personality and dont speak for you at all. Fresh florals and mild woody scents are good to build casual and simple image. Dont let the fragrance overpower your personality if you want to be yourself.

Recommendations Estee Lauder Pure White Linen, Calvin Klein Secret Obsession.

Know your personality and then select the suitable fragrance to complement it well. Here are some simple tips to make the selection process easier.

  • Decide what kind of fragrance you are looking for and then shortlist the samples. This will make your task easier.
  • You can ask for the professional assistance from the fragrance expert. The expert will help you with the appropriate samples based on your fragrance needs. You will be able to make the right choices only when you start with the right samples. Once you know your favourite fragrance or the one befitting your personality, you will be able to order the same online too. There are many online portals like FragranceX that provide you the scents from all over the world for him & her at discounted prices and to make you wear the apt fragrance complementing your personality.
  • Try out sample on different areas and go slow on sampling. Dont cover yourself with all types of fragrances at the same time. This is because your body has limited capacity of recognizing fragrances and would start giving misleading signals when too many samples are tried at the same time. Even using the sample on the same area again and again would mix all scents giving completely wrong indication.

Remember, your fragrance speaks for you and a wrong selection would depict completely wrong impression about your personality. It is good to try different scents but dont let your choice contradict your personality. Follow the above fragrance and personality guidelines to enhance your personality further.