Do you live amongst piles of dust-collecting non-essentials? Do you have dresses (or shirts) lurking in the back of the wardrobe that have never been worn or at least not in the last decade? Can you never find things when you need them? Its time for a clear out! Eliminating the clutter will change the way you feel inside, and positively transform how you function during the day. Need some more convincing? Here are ten reasons that will have you jumping up for the bags and boxes before youve finished reading. Try it! Its worth it!

You will have more time

Studies prove that having a good clear out is time and cost effective. The general rule for clearing is to keep hold of everything you actually use and everything you absolutely love. Everything else can be cleared. Once you have minimalized your belongings, it is easier to find the things you need, when you need them. You save yourself a lot of time by no longer frantically searching for things having, once again, misplaced them.

You will have less to clean

You also save time by doing less cleaning. Amazingly, giving your house a thorough possession blitz can eliminate up to 40% of the time that you spend cleaning. That has to be good news. The more belongings you have, the more dust gathers in all of the nooks and crannies.

You will have more money

Statistics suggest thousands of people are late paying their bills for the simple reason that they couldnt find them! If you are one of those people, think of all the money you can save just from clearing clutter.

Say hello to your future

Symbolically, clearing the clutter can be like cutting the shackles to the past. Do you really need to hang on so tightly? The past has been and gone. The future is waiting to enter but there is no space! Getting rid of things youve hoarded for years can feel liberating. And youve sent out an open invitation to the universe that you are ready to let the new come in.

You will breathe more easily

The less stuff you have, occupying the space in your home, the less dust accumulates. The air you breathe will be purer. Fresher air will help alleviate allergies if you suffer from them. It is also beneficial for respiratory problems.

You will feel less stressed

Clutter can feel claustrophobic, overwhelming and chaotic. The world is stressful enough without bringing the stress into your home. Research found that, after a good de-clutter, 49% of people demonstrated less anxiety and reported feeling more relaxed in general. Women, in particular, tend to have more of the stress hormone, cortisol, in their bodies when their homes are cluttered. To create a sanctuary that feels tranquil and supportive, clear the decks. Keep your home clean and serene.

You will feel empowered

Clearing out the home can be a psychological exercise. For example, we can learn the lesson of letting go of guilt when we discard the disliked present we were given but felt mean giving away. We can practice forgiving ourselves. We can keep possessions purely because we want to. They feel good to us. Not because we feel we have to. If it helps, ask a loved one to support you as you set yourself free. Rejoice in stepping up and taking control of your own life.

You will sleep more easily

If you only de-clutter one room, make it your bedroom. A cluttered bedroom means a cluttered mind. A cluttered mind is not conducive to a restful nights sleep. Sleeping well is incredibly important for physical and mental health and for productivity and overall wellbeing. Dont keep work in your bedroom, move it to your newly organized working space (somewhere else in the house). Keep electronics to a minimum.

You will be more productive

Once youve cleared and organized the unnecessary muddle, your productivity levels will soar! You will find a pen that actually works within seconds of wanting one, you wont have to go to the store for gravy granules after discovering yours are six months out of date everything in your cupboards will be there because its being used. You will never be late again because you couldnt find your car keys. More physical space creates more mental space. You will feel brighter and more focused.

You will help others

You can generously donate many of your unused, or unwanted, items to local charities. There will be people who desperately need the things you dont want and others who will take pleasure from them. Ensure you recycle anything that can be recycled and you will help the environment too.