I bet you didnt know that confidence is a mental, physical and emotional compilation of good thoughts and actions, such as feeling great about the way you look and feeling worthy and grateful of what you have. And, I bet you didnt know that if one area of your life is out of whack (work, love, goal setting or eating right) that your entire confidence can be off kilter and sacrificed.

And when your confidence is diminished, your entire life can suffer.
When it comes to elevating your own happiness, there are many roads to get you there. From insisting on positivity with clear thinking, to gratitude exercises and even taking an occasional leap of faith, choose one or choose all of these recommended tips for boosting your pleasure and improving your attitude. Guaranteed, youll simultaneously snap your physical, mental and emotional selves back in place.

Trick Your Mind to Be Hopeful
Feeling low, bloated or even depressed from time to time in normal. Whats not normal is being unable to shake off feelings of negativity, and being unable to cope with the events of your life with enthusiasm.
Try this for an immediate mood booster, and look at yourself, your community, even gridlock traffic with hope: Smile.
Did you know that it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown? Smiling actually dives deeper into your happiness success rate by tricking your mind to perk up, shape up and otherwise get up on the right side (as opposed to the wrong side) of the bed.

Take Out the Paint
Theres power in paint, and for that matter, all types of creativity.
Think about your current job, and the roles you play in life. It can be very limiting and restricting, and maybe even make you wonder how on earth you can express the many facets of yourself. So go there finger paint, sculpt, write poetry or take up a new hobby youve always wanted to try but never (until now) had the confidence to.
Whether youre nervous or excited, just go with it, and press through those emotions by doing, not thinking. As a result, youll become more authentically you, and raise your confidence up a notch, immediately.

Focus on Doing What You Loved as a Child
If your confidence could use a serious pick-me-up, think about adopting a different perspective, and one that your wise, five year old self might urge you to participate in. Seriously, life is serious! You have mortgages to pay, deadlines to stay on top of, and wheres the fun?

Look at your life your body, your eating habits, your energy level, your enthusiasm and especially your dreams as yourself when you were five. What excited you then? Was it going inside of your imagination and exploring the world from a creative mind, or making up songs and spinning around and around in circles?

No matter what you loved doing as a child, one thing was clear. You werent self-conscious about how you looked, and you werent worried about the future. Your confidence was at an all-time high, with all the enthusiasm for life as it came to you. Go there. Spin in circles and enjoy getting dizzy for the heck of it. Finger paint with abandoned recklessness. Hula-hoop until your hips ache. Pretend, dream and imagine your life as you want it to be, and an improved confidence will surely follow.