From the outside, Savasana may seem as if its no different than lying on the couch chilling out on a Sunday afternoon. But, oh, its so much more.

Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is not only the final pose in a yoga practice, many say it is the most important pose. The physically demanding part of the practice is behind you, and the benefits mind and body are sealed.

How to Savasana?
The intricacies of Savasana as a physical posture are few.
Lie on your back. Allow your feet to fall out to the side. Place your arms next to you, just slightly away from your body, palms up. Close your eyes and breathe normally.

The challenge in Savasana is the mind. At this point it may be easy to either drift off into sleep or to let your mind start racing to what you have to do post-practice. Instead, the goal in this pose is to be slightly aware of your surroundings feel the air on your skin, the breath through your nostrils, the energy flowing through you. Let all other thoughts go.

Its recommended that you stay in Savasana for as long as you can or want, with a goal of at least a few minutes.

Benefits of Savasana
Savasana is about healing, rejuvenation and renewal.
It helps to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and may even help reduce blood pressure.
Savasana is called corpse pose for its similarity to a corpse lying flat. But when you arise from corpse pose it is a chance for rebirth. The previous asana practice allowed you to release tension and stress, opening the body to accept yourself and others and bringing your physical body and your spirit into alignment. Savasana seals this new way of being. It is a chance to begin anew and embrace the world around you with a clear mind, balanced energy and an open heart.

Tips for Beginners
Its easy to ignore the importance of Savasana and see it as a throw away pose at the end of class. Theres a tendency for beginners to want to cash it in and call it a day before practicing Savasana. But you can look at it like cooking a good meal. You wouldnt want to spend all day slaving over a stove only to leave your delicious meal sitting out on the counter to spoil and then end up wasted. In the same vain, doing a full asana practice and rushing off to run errands without Savasana keeps you from fully experiencing the awesome benefits.

So, fellow yogis, whether youre practicing in a class, or practicing at home, no matter how tempting it is to jump up and get back to the demands of life, make the most of your Savasana. Your body, your mind, and everyone around you, will thank you for it.

Video of Savasana

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