The New fad Diet that Works

I think we can all understand the frustration of the dieting yo-yo effect. One weekend we can fit into our jeans and the next month is back to the celery sticks and endless salads. Oh! And who can forget the notorious holiday dinners when youve eaten so much the only thing left to do is sleep.

There is a new solution that will slide away those extra stubborn pounds. Be sure you are the right person who can afford to loose 1-2 pounds a day!

To good to be true? I didnt say it was easy but people have been seeing instant results. If you are thinking to yourself, here we go another fad diet. Well youre right, but here is one that is believed to work!

Many people give up after their exercise and eating routine because frankly, not everyone has time for the patience and consistency to wait around for results. In the world we live in today we like to see instant gratification. Would you be more motivated to continue on your healthy habits if you start seeing 30 pounds slide off in just 4 weeks? I know it would keep me motivated. Sometimes we all need that extra little boost.

What is HCG Diet and why is it Effective?

It is a low-calorie diet that is believed to be effective especially for people who struggle with obesity. What makes this diet protocol unique is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Hormone that is used in combination with the daily eating plans. It plays a role in the brain that suppresses the appetite and hunger while your body uses the fat deposits for fuel. The idea of this diet is that the body will dig deep into the reserved adipose tissues for energy. But what makes HCG diet so popular is that the limited calorie intake you can take a day, the hormone is believed to help you keep blood sugar levels normal and prevent your body from breaking down lean muscle. The more lean muscle you have the higher your daily metabolism becomes. So unlike other crash diets where youre unable to function with daily tasks due to fatigue. This hormone is assumed to prevent all of these from happening by using stored energy that you already have.

There some limitations of the way HCG drops is being used for weight loss. It is not FDA approved as a weight loss method however the HCG is legal and safe to take. There are health clinic available that offers the HCG regime guided by a physician to achieve a safe weight loss. It is not new to medicine and has been around. The hormone is naturally occurring in pregnant women. Today people may use HCG injections to increase fertility in women. You can still use HCG drops for your weight loss. But, make sure to find real drops by going through real HCG drops reviews written by real authors.

Dr. Simeon in the 1950s was the first to study HCG effects on weight loss on obesity. The study did provide that patients lost weight but he argues that HCG influence how the body losses the weight. Dr. Sheri L. Emma explains that the low-calorie HCG diet allows the body to loose weight differently by (sparing) the muscle(s).

Building lean muscles will increase your metabolism

Fat is stored as an energy reservoir from over consumption of carbohydrates and lipids. These fats are stored in tissues that are called adipose tissue. Some adipose tissues that are stored in the body can be life threatening while the others is merely aesthetics. Visceral fat lies behind the muscle and around the organs. Higher visceral fat causes a higher increase in risk of diabetes, strokes, and heart diseases. The other stored fat is called subcutaneous fat; it is present outside your muscle layer. You know, that fold of skin you can pitch with your fingers? But guess what? That stubborn belly fat is not life threatening.

I keep exercising and Ive lost some weight but the stubborn belly fat is still there.

Here is why exercising may not be enough and can lead to frustration. Everyone has been there in the weight lost scheme. We loose weight for the first 2 weeks, feel amazing and then we hit that brick wall. No more weight loss, plateau. Your trainer will tell you, you need to change your workouts, challenge your body. Its not easy to tell yourself to push harder when you know it means more fatigue and soreness.

For some people they have received the genetics golden ticket, a great metabolism and lower storage of adipose tissue. Lucky!

After your long workout days about 4 times a week, you still notice stubborn areas that wont leave. You notice those pockets of subcutaneous fat are till there lingering around the lower abdomen, inner things, and the love handles.

One issue with exercising is that some people will burn off visceral fat first, instead of those stubborn pockets of fat.

Caution: No Exercise!

Let me make myself clear that this diet regimen is extreme, so proceed with caution and ask your general practitioner for an opinion if you have any preexisting medical conditions. The diet includes a strict dos and donts of certain food groups. The different phases of the diet allow you to gradually adjust to the hormones and calorie intake.

Here is the killer the amount of caloric intake is 500 calories a day! You will be basically sticking to a two meal a day plan of 250 calories each. Where 1800 to 2100 calories per day is a normal intake for an individual, a fourth of this maybe a shock to your body. So proceed with caution. Some physicians argues that this is why HCG is essential to take while on a low calorie diet, it tricks the brain to use the rest of the energy needed for your day-to-day activities from the stored adipose tissue. No cravings or hungry is supposed to stop you from adhering to your diet. All your hard work on building those lean muscles will not be lost.

During your diet interval it is said that no vigorous activity is advisable. Your body will already be too busy to the adjustment that vigorous exercises are said to proceed with extreme caution.

Safety First

Remember that this diet achieves large amount of weight loss results, it is not suitable for people with low Body Mass Index (BMI). If you are wondering what your BMI is you can calculate it according to your weight and height. This is not a long-term sustainable diet, it is meant for only short intervals. Remember it is advised to have a 6-week break before starting another diet interval and always advise your primary physician when drastically changing your diet. Be safe! And happy weight loss.