Youre invited to our summer barbeque. The idea strikes dread into the heart of every vegan and vegetarian because the standard foods make their tried and tested way out into salad bowls on wobbly picnic tables tend to be the same, same, same. I wanted to make something a little bit different this time and I chose a fairly unique corn on the cob recipe.

Corn (non GMO if you can possibly get it) is quite carbohydrate dense and if youre on one of those, never going to eat a carb again diet, be aware that our bodies need carbohydrates. We need carbohydrates to convert to glucose which, apart from all the other things it does, helps our brains think. Glucose is literally fuel for the mind and without it our decision making process can be impaired.

To make this corn dish I rolled the corn in beaten egg, then in some ground maize, then again in the egg, and then again in the ground maize and back to the egg. (This gives it a nice crunchy coating.) For the final coat I rolled it in a mix of desiccated coconut, chopped rosemary, salt, pepper, chilli flakes and very finely chopped sundried tomatoes. I then baked these in the oven on about 180 C for about 25 minutes. Something different and pretty tasty!


2 corn on the cob
1 large egg (well beaten)
cup ground maize
salt, pepper to taste
1 tsp finely chopped rosemary. Not too much or else its bitter.
1 sundried tomato
1 small pinch of chilli flakes
3 tblsp desiccated coconut