Medical conditions such as arthritis can really get one into a lot of trouble. That is because the disease interferes much with the quality of life. Painful aching joints and difficulty during mobility-enough said to describe the condition of an arthritis affected person.

But why would anyone develop inflamed joints? Well, there are ample answers to this one question because arthritis isnt of a single type. At least a hundred and above of its kinds have been so far discovered. Factors such as old age and heredity have a lot to do with the onset of arthritis. Moreover, a hyper-reactive immune system may also stand out to be the reason. Joints that are made to work excessively, those that carry too much weight, or which have had any trauma or injury are also likely to develop arthritis.

An important point regarding the treatment of arthritis is the correct diagnosis of its signs and symptoms. Symptoms of arthritis can be easily recognized if you have enough information about them. To know about some tricky ways for determining the signs and symptoms arthritis, read out the following content, which you may find useful in helping yourselves or anyone around you suffering from the disease.

Symptoms of arthritis
Some of the symptoms of arthritis are as follows:

A joint that pains
You move it and you go on like ouch. That was your joint igniting pain every time you move it or it may even pain during rest. Of course a painful joint is the most common symptom arthritis. So when you feel that there is some pain in any of your joints that has existed for a long time, then instead of constantly taking painkillers, talk about the problem with your doctor.

A joint that doesnt move
If it works, it will move, and when it does not move, you must be sure that there is something wrong with your joint. In arthritis, the inflammation of joint causes it to stiffen so that the movement is impaired. Talk to your doctor about the possible medical conditions that may have affected your joints mobility, as it may not necessarily be arthritis. However, difficulty in moving joints is counted as one of the symptoms of arthritis.
An injury that doesnt heal

Well, it may not be right to say doesnt heal. But injuries that take longer than usual to heal may be counted as one of the symptoms arthritis, for example, a sprained ankle that hasnt healed over a long period of time.

Unexplained weight loss
Your weight goes all low and you cant make out why. Unexplained loss of weight can be a sign of many underlying illnesses, and is also symptom arthritis.

Unexplained fatigue
Getting tired and fatigued easily by doing simple tasks, feeling lack of energy and having weakness most of the time are some other symptoms of arthritis.

Numbness and tingling
If you experience some sort of numbness and tingling in your hands, then it could be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common consequence of rheumatoid arthritis when it involves the wrist joint, and it is this syndrome which is responsible for the numbness and tingling symptom arthritis.

Pain in spine
An aching spine is another one amongst the common symptoms of arthritis. A stiff and painful back over a long period must not be ignored and should immediately be reported to a doctor.
Having knowledge of all of these signs and symptoms of arthritis can be really helpful in early diagnosis of the disease.