If there was one alternative health trend this year, oil pulling would be it. But whats all the rage about, and can it really make a difference in your oral health?

Think of oil pulling as your new best friend. It has your back. It never lets you down, and it knows just how to lift your spirits up and make you feel like a champ. When you oil pull, you give your body, and most specifically, your mouth, the chance to detox and cleanse from those harsh chemicals that is bringing your metabolism and hormone levels down.

Do you have tooth pain? How about bleeding gums, chapped lips or bad breath? If you do, youre probably tired of having to constantly stock up on breath mints, make expensive emergency visits to the dentist, and not to mention uncomfortable dry mouth that can be embarrassing not to mention, inconvenient.

Oil pulling is like a top secret, ancient practice of healing that will leave you feeling empowered, clean, revitalized and free and clear of bacteria and painful tooth decay. Stop the dental discomfort and start oil pulling to save yourself the grief, the pain and extra expense and all by just twenty minutes a day!
Are you bummed out at the yellowish tint of your teeth, and cant afford expensive whiting treatment? Are you sick and tired of spending money on whitening strips that dont seem to do a thing to change its appearance? Consider the alternative. Consider the possibility that oil pulling offers a better, cheaper and more effective way.

Studying the Effects of Oil Pulling on Oral Health
As a natural remedy for pain that the Indian culture has used for centuries upon centuries, it nips everything in the bud sore gums, painful teeth, bad breath, built up plaque, tooth discoloration, canker sores, sensitive teeth and a weakened jaw (among many others.)

Studies have shown that just one tablespoon of edible oil a day significantly reduces the amount of plaque on teeth. Sesame oil for example, doesnt leave any stains on the teeth, and people who use it for oil pulling dont deal with an odor or aftertaste. Sunflower oil reduces gingivitis by as much as 60 percent, with a decreased level of bacteria by 20 percent.

Tired of your mouth acting like a magnet for toxicity, bacteria and decay?
While the swishing motion takes a little bit of time to get used to, the health effects are worth the short time it takes to become accustomed to the practice. Make it the very first thing you do, and as you swish your way to perfect oral health, keep yourself busy by reading the paper, watching your favorite morning news show, or writing out your daily goal list. Before long, youll swish as if your life depended on it, because in actuality, isnt your oral health dependent on you doing something about it? Eliminate virtually every oral health issue you have with a swish here and a swish there. As a result, every issue in your body will begin to heal, transform and change.

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