Sitting in Easy Pose
In English Sukhasana (SUE-kah-sana) means Easy Pose and it is. But this doesnt take away from its importance as a posture.

Yoga practices often start in Sukhasana as a way to get settled and grounded. You cant build a strong, secure house able to withstand the forces of nature if you dont have a strong foundation. Likewise, you cant build a strong yoga practice able to withstand external stimulus if you dont start grounded.

How to do Sukhasana
Sukhasana or Easy Pose can be done either sitting on your mat, a blanket or block.

As with many seated postures, you can move into it haphazardly, or you can do it with intention starting in staff pose with your legs extended in front of you and hands on the floor by your hips. This allows you to make sure your weight is where its supposed to be on your sit bones, with your shoulders over your hips, neck and head in line with your spine, with the crown of your head reaching to the sky.

Fold your legs so each shin rests on the arch of the opposite foot. Allow your thighs to relax and fall toward the earth. Your legs should make a triangle shape. Your weight should be over your sit bones or just slightly forward in neutral position.

Hands can rest in one of a number of mudras.
Palms facing down on your knees for grounding
Palms facing upward on your knees to accept energy
Hands resting one on top of the other, palms up, closer to your pelvis, tips of the thumbs touching for calming

Slide your shoulder blades down your back to let your heart open and continue to reach the crown of your head up to lengthen your spine.

Close your eyes, and breathe.

Benefits of Sukhasana
Whether youre about to start a full practice, need to release the tension of the day or want to start your day calm and centered, Sukhasana can help.

The greatest benefit of this pose is in its ability to ease stress.

Depending on the tightness of your hips, Sukhasana may help open them slightly.

Precautions in Easy Pose
Just because its called Easy Pose, Sukhasana is not without its contraindications. If you have tight hips or knee problems, sit on a folded blanket or block to a height that is comfortable for you.

If you still experience pain, consider placing blocks or blankets under your thighs to bring the earth closer to you.

Easy pose for beginners
If this is new to you or if you experience any back pain this pose can be done against the wall for support. You dont want to lean back, so you may choose to place a block between you and the wall, about the level of your shoulder blades.

Sukhasana is a great pose any time of day to settle down, and breathe.

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