A snoring partner is not just annoying but can also affect the quality and quantity of sleep that you get. If he or she snores every night, this means that your body is not getting enough rest and this can have severe health consequences.

The first thing that you need to understand is that the snoring is not your partners fault. Instead of getting mad or moving to another room which can ruin your relationship you should look for ways to help them.

And the good thing is that there are many natural remedies that you can use to stop your partner snoring. They range from helping them make some lifestyle changes to adjusting their diet, and if you are patient, you should start seeing some results in as little as a few days. Below are some of these useful remedies.

#1 Changing Sleep Position

You might not determine your partners sleep position, but there are many things that you can do to influence it. Sleeping on the back is unfavorable for people who have a snoring problem because it causes the tongue to block the airways. To help you partner with this you should always remind them that to avoid sleeping on their back.

It might be tedious to keep telling him every day but at some point, it will stick in the head, and he will try as much as possible to avoid this sleeping position. Another easy trick is to sew in a small pocket on the back of their pajama shirt and place a tennis ball there. This method always works because the ball makes it uncomfortable for them to sleep on their back. You can also push him to his side every time he starts snoring.

Diet Changes

#2 Diet Changes

There are certain kinds of foods that every person with chronic snoring should avoid, and this is more so just before bed. And so you should make sure that your spouse does not consume them. Dairy products like cheese and milk increase the production of mucous which in turn makes the snoring worse. A warm glass of milk might be a perfect sleep aid, but you should make sure that your partner avoids it at least until the snoring stops.

Other foods such as those with a lot of fat and spices are also not ideal, and so you should limit their intake during dinner. Fats will also make things worse in the long run because they lead to weight gain and this is one of the chief causes of snoring. If you maintain a healthy menu and make sure that he avoids these foods, you will see a significant decline in your partners snoring in a few days.

Herbal Remedies

#3 Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies can also be effective when dealing with a snoring partner. Honey is one of the most useful ones and although you can mix it with other herbs a tablespoon in the morning and another one in the evening is also enough. The honey helps to keep the throat muscles soft and smooth and hence preventing snoring.

Peppermint and turmeric are also very helpful for people that snore in their sleep. When using these herbs, you will need to steep at least one teaspoon of their powder in boiling water to make tea for your partner. The herbs have different properties that range from anti-inflammation to decongestants, and so they will help to keep the airway clear which is what one needs to prevent snoring.

#4 Get them To Quit Smoking

Smoking is the principal agent that causes lung cancer which is one of the leading causes of deaths globally. Apart from the risk of getting cancer, smoking also leads to snoring and so it is important to help your partner stop the vice through moral support and advising them to seek professional help. Tobacco smoke irritates the membranes in the throat and nose while also blocking airways. It is because of this reason that a majority of people that smoke will always snore in their sleep. And so if your spouse is a smoker helping them to stop might be all that you need to deal with their snoring.

Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

#5 Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Sharing a glass of wine after dinner with that special person in your life seems like a good idea, and this is more so as you try to catch up after a long busy day. But if your better half has a snoring problem, alcohol before bed is a terrible idea. Alcohol will not only interfere with their REM sleep cycle, but it also leads to relaxation of the throat muscles which causes snoring. Sedatives and other drugs have the same effects and so making sure that your spouse avoids them will help in dealing with the snoring.

#6 Saline Nasal Spray

Simple nose congestion is in many instances the cause of snoring and so helping your partner deal with it can take care of the problem. Allergies, sinus problems and infections from colds can lead to swelling on the inside section of the nose and hence cause vibration of the soft palate which is what causes the snoring noise.

You can buy a saline solution for your partner and have them use it to decongest their nose, or you can even make a simple one at home. If you prefer to make the solution for your loved one you will only need salt, distilled or boiled water and nasal spray bottle (an empty one). You should add salt to the water and stir it well before adding it to the empty bottle. If your partner uses two drops in each nostril before bed, you will see a significant improvement or even a stop in the snoring.

Buy Them an Oral Appliance#7 Buy Them an Oral Appliance

If all the other natural remedies above do not seem to help in ending your partners snoring, then the other option is to buy them an oral appliance. Talk to a dentist about a suitable device that your partner can use to keep the airway open as he sleeps or prevents the tongue from falling back. These mouth guards are very useful when dealing with snoring, and they work for most people. If the problem is in the nose, there are also others available for inserting in the nose, and they include things like nasal strips


You should not let your partners snoring prevent you from getting the necessary rest that the body needs or cause strains in your relationship. There are myriad things that one can do to help a partner deal with the problem, and the seven remedies above should be an excellent starting point.