Gardening is an inexpensive and healthy way for our kids to have fun and learn about the nature at school, allotment, or home. Many studies proved that kids, who are involved with the gardening, have better performance at school. Besides, children learning to grow the vegetables are likely to eat healthily as well.

In this post, we will share you some useful tips for encouraging kids to grow their vegetables.

Try to make it quick

Growing vegetables, which show many signs of life quickly, is a great way to keep your children interested in involving in gardening. Therefore, you can guide them to plant vegetables, which can be swiftly harvested.

Here is a suggestion for you: trying with radishes. Because they are one of the quickest growing vegetables, radishes will sprout in only a few days, and you can harvest them after a few weeks. Other kinds of vegetables like peas, first early potatoes, mixed salad leaves and beetroot also germinate very fast and can be harvested even when theyre young. Notably, for peas, you can eat their tips, too.

Just keep it simple

blaIt is a good idea to make a specific area in your living space for your kids to grow their vegetables in. In this case, containers and raised beds are good options.

It is also much easier for the little arms of your children to reach in to harvest or sow. In addition, vegetables can be easily grown in all size of containers, from an old bathtub to a Wellington boot.

Besides, there are a lot of vegetables, of which seeds are tiny. Small seeds can be difficult and fiddly for little fingers to handle. Thus, you should try with larger seeds. Peas, beans, potatoes, are simple and great for planting. However, spinach, beetroot, and radish have larger seeds, which are easier to sow.

Introduces your children to some scientific concepts

Gardening is such an ideal introduction into the science world of chemistry, biology, and botany. When your children plant the first seed, they will be more curious about what will happen later.

Then, they will create their hypothesis and start to monitor their progress every day. In addition, they also have the opportunity to learn about the way to grow herbs indoors with the help of artificial lights. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden is an ideal option for intelligent countertop indoor garden, which is highly recommended for your children to be accustomed to planting indoors.

Another benefit of encouraging your kids to garden is that they can learn about the main steps of a scientific process. As a result, when they are older, they can study the importance of water and sunlight for the development of a certain plant. They will know which plants require more sunlight or which need less water or just how long their plants take to grow. Therefore, it is undoubted to say that gardening offers your children useful science lessons at home!

Have some fun

bla1Children love things that are different, colorful, and quirky, so, how about choosing varieties, which change a little bit from their normal forms?

Pink Fir Apple potato is an amazing choice for you since they are weird (and maybe, a little bit rude!), knobby and they taste great, too.

Your kids may also fall in love with growing the Beetroot Chioggia as they are stripy and pink when theyre cut open. on the other hand, Tomato Pear Drops is also an ideal option due to their taste like the pear drops, honestly!

Enjoy the food

It is amazing when your kids eat what they grow by themselves. In fact, vegetables always taste a lot better when theyre fresh, especially, if your lovely children plant them.

Kids will certainly like digging up buried potato treasure, eating peas with their pod or crunching on the carrots, which they have pulled out of the soil.

Therefore, do not hesitate to give your children a try a bag of compost and seeds are very cheap. Moreover, it is easier than you may think because your kids and your family can enjoy loads of delicious, nutritious and fresh vegetables every day.

Dig in!

Dress your children in gardening clothes and a hat (It means that you do not mind getting dirty) whenever it is time to pick, water, weed or plant and do not forget to use the sunscreen, too! This is a good chance for you to spend time with your kids! Just remember that their attention span can wane sooner than yours!

Children like digging the dirt, however, you should not worry about that. You just need to give them suitable equipment and gardening gloves to protect them. Besides, child-sized gardening tools are good options if you can find high-quality ones.

Blunt-nosed Fiskars scissors are great for cutting the flowers in your garden, and your kids can arrange the flowers with the floral tape as well. Besides, you can give them some baskets for holding hand-picked bouquets or harvesting snacks.

Crawlers and creepers

Searching for the wildlife in the garden will be a perfect part of the fun for your little kids. Children always love worms and insects.

Gardening introduces them to many creatures living on plants, under rocks, and in the soil. It is just an opening for endless exciting things for the world discovery of your children.

Anyway, you had better let them be creative. Just let them creatively build waterslides, hot tubs or beds for bugs or whatever they think that the bugs would enjoy. As a result, kids will naturally understand the essence of caring for the plants as well as other things in their garden.


Gardening is a wonderful and exciting family project, which is filled with learning, experimentation, and adventure. Your kids will love learning when they are having fun. Therefore, thanks to gardening, they not only enjoy the satisfaction of discovering the natural life but also like spending more time with you.