Modern society is based around speed. Every new thing is always faster, smaller and better than its predecessor. Oftentimes, if we cannot get results fast then we do not want them at all. When people are trying to lose weight, they tend to approach the problem with the same attitude: drop 10 pounds in a week or I give up. Besides the fact that such goals are simply unrealistic, they also present certain problems. Rapid weight loss often comes with certain drawbacks and it is not generally recommended for your health. It is best to be familiar with the effects of losing weight too fast before taking on such an endeavor.

For starters, fast weight loss goes hand in hand with muscle loss. When you go for a low calorie diet or, even worse, starve yourself, you are losing weight, but its not disappearing from where it should. You are not getting rid of excess fat, you are getting rid of proteins, minerals and other nutrients which your body needs to stay healthy. By doing this, your muscles are deprived of the energy they need. This also causes you to feel very sluggish and tired all the time.

Losing weight too fast side effects often include loose skin. This is usually a good indicator that someone went on a crash diet or had an operation to remove excess fat. Skin is elastic so it will conform to our body shape, but it needs time to stretch or tighten. You lose weight too fast and you end up with hanging skin that is unpleasant to see and might require surgery to correct.

There are many effects of losing weight too fast which can occur such as dizziness, headaches and nausea. These are not direct effects of the weight loss process, but rather of dehydration. Again, when you drop too much weight too fast your body consumes its energy reserves, which usually means muscles. Muscles are mostly made out of water so, in essence, any fast diet depletes your bodys water supplies. As we all know by now, water is essential for humans and being deprived of it will cause several medical problems down the line.

The appearance of gallstones can be counted among the effects of losing weight too fast. Sudden drops in calorie intake can disrupt the regular levels of cholesterol and bile salts in the gallbladder, thus causing gallstones to form. These are very painful to deal with and, in some cases, will require surgery in order to be removed.

Overall, losing weight too fast can come with a lot of unhealthy side effects, but so does being overweight. Therefore, it is a case of choosing the lesser evil. Ideally, you will follow a regular program involving exercise and diet which allows for moderate weight loss which is safe and healthy. When that is not possible, a very low calorie diet is probably the best solution. It is not highly advised, but it beats the alternatives.