Have you got bogged down in the daily grind and forgotten to remind you partner how important they are to you? Feeling appreciated and knowing that your partner cares for you is essential to the maintenance of a happy, healthy relationship. There are plenty of ways to show your partner that you care ranging from being there to support them, to buying them special gifts. Here are five slightly less ordinary, fun ways to show your partner you care:

1.Communicate Creatively

Express your feelings in words and symbols. Finding ways to leave little notes for your partner is really fun. Around the house you can be inventive. You can write a note for your partner on the bathroom mirror, or leave them notes where they will find them in the kitchen, or on the front door, or under their pillow. You can hide notes for them to find in their lunch box, or lap top, or coat pockets. You can post letters from their secret admirer. You can arrange hearts or words in their food. Having a gratitude blackboard is good fun too. Use blackboard paint to create an area in your home to write things about your partner that you appreciate. You can both make this a daily game and it will feel uplifting and inspiring.

2.Make a Music Mix

Do you have music that marks the trajectory of your time together? Make a collection of all the tunes that hold memory for you and your partner. You can include the song that you first danced to, a song that always reminds you of your partner, your favorite tune, a song that tells your partner how you feel, your partners favorite song, the song that was always on the radio at the time you met, the piece of music you and your partner love together. Your partner will appreciate that you took the time to do this and it will bring all the wonderful memories back to them also.

3.Give Them Special Coupons

You can make these yourself or purchase them on the internet. Special relationship coupons can be cashed in by your partner at a time thats good for both of you. The coupons can be anything from a day off the hoovering, to a long massage, or foot rub. You can be creative with these coupons. Perhaps you know your partner would like an evening where you dressed up in your most attractive outfit, or some time just for them to do as they please, or one evening watching the television of their choice. Maybe, your partner would like an hour where they felt that you were really present to everything they have to say. Anything that you think your partner may appreciate, or could find fun, can be written on a coupon. Your partner can then negotiate with you when they want to cash them in.

4.Dedicate a Day to Them

Okay so we already have birthdays, and days to honor certain genres such as Mothers Day, but why not dedicate a day to your partner? This can be their day and on their day you celebrate who they are. They get to be spoiled and appreciated. On their dedicated day maybe you would like to provide them with breakfast in bed, do all the chores that they would normally do, allow them to choose how they would like to spend their day, even if its out with their friends, or relaxing by themselves. You can specifically do all the things you know that they would like on this day. Make an effort to look especially nice, cook their favorite food and tell them how much you appreciate them. It could become a tradition each year to honor the dedicated day.

5.Make a Video

You can make a recording of yourself for your partner. Sit in front of the camera and tell them how you feel about them. Alternatively, get really creative. Take the camera around the house and share with your partner all the thoughts about them that come to mind. For example, you may want to point out the crumbs on the side that although you find annoying make you grateful that you share a home together, or the big bath tub that always reminds you of them. You can ask other people to be involved also. Get in touch with the people that love your partner and read their testimonials, or visit them with your camera phone and record their testimonials in person. You could even ask them to email you their testimonials and find a program on the computer that helps you to create a montage. All of us need to know that we are loved by those around us. This will definitely put a smile on your partners face.