1.By giving you positive focus

Have you ever noticed that if you start the day in a chaotic way, the negative momentum slams out of the door right alongside you? Perhaps the alarm didnt go off and you had to rush to get to work on time. Then you forget your phone. You smash a glass. Someone beeps at you in traffic. Think how well known this phenomenon is. We have the phase got out of the wrong side of the bed just to explain it. In this scenario it is likely that, unless you have an antidote, this terrible day is going to become more terrible. When were on the negative momentum slide, we waste a lot of time creating more of what we do not want. We continue to affirm this is a horrible day, what else can go wrong for me? Daily meditation will help you to stop this negative thinking before it spirals out of control. Over time, meditation will help you to recognize when your thoughts are adding to your discomfort and youll know how to slow them down. This will create much more space in your life and much less unnecessary drama.

2.By creating a relaxed state

When we are in a non-relaxed state, (agitated, anxious, angry, upset), we are significantly less productive than when we are feeling calm, happy, contented. Daily meditation can help us feel more relaxed in two ways. First, it gives you an immediate state of relaxation. Even if this only lasts for the length of the session, it will take away some of the edge. Secondly, it builds up relaxation in the relaxation bank. The more practiced we are at being still and owning our runaway thoughts, the easier it is to tap into this place when we need to. Over time your mind will begin to operate with increased serenity and increased awareness. You will be less reactive and more reflective. You will feel less easily agitated or anxious. With a calm mind, you can be more productive. All that time spent in worry, frustration, anger, justification, can now be applied to things that positively benefit you.

3.Transcendental expansion

Have you ever felt like the world and all its inhabitants are just closing in on you? That you want to run away, or float up into the sky where there are only clouds for company? You need some space from all the constant demands, including those in your own head? With meditation you can have this sensation any time you choose regardless of a house full of relatives and a list of tasks as long as your arm. You need breathing space so take some space to breathe, literally. By focusing on the breath, or visualizing an environment of great tranquility, you can create your own little desert island; an instantaneous retreat. Taking a small amount of time out will enable you to come back from your trip feeling able to face the world refreshed again.

4.Mind awareness

When our minds feel very busy and full, it is exhausting and difficult to focus. Unless we bring awareness to our thoughts, we are likely to waste a lot of needless energy and time. We think in self-defeating ways and worry about things that will never happen. By spending regular time in meditation, we become surveyors of our own thoughts. We see them for what they are, thoughts, and stop identifying with them as being who we are. Thoughts are often just the stories we tell ourselves. Thoughts tend to take us away from the present moment, where there is always space if we choose to claim it. The present moment just is until we impose meaning upon it. We rob ourselves of time and space when we allow thoughts of the past or the future to take it from us.

5.Bringing you back to self

We lose a lot of time and space when we are not centered and grounded in ourselves. We respond to people and circumstances around us, rather than taking time to tune into ourselves. When we are not-centered in ourselves, our boundaries may be weaker. We feel burdened by the feelings or demands of others, or resentful for putting everyone elses needs before our own. We try to predict what others want and behave accordingly. We make decisions which do not serve us because they do not come from our own inspiration. Regular meditation practice helps you to tune in to your own inner self, the stillness within and the whispers of your heart. This will save you time and space when making decisions. You will make decisions that are right for you. It will also save you in the time you spend worrying about others, or being led by other peoples agendas.