There are numerous detox diets out there which claim to help users lose weight and feel good but how will you know which is the best detox diet for you? Some detox diets are natural while others are supplements with natural ingredients in them. All focus on cleansing the system and aiding in weight loss. Depending on your weight and lifestyle you can choose one which best adjusts with your system.

Choosing the Best Detox diet:

Best detox diets #1Master Cleanse

A leading detox diet that focuses on cleansing the system of all toxins and harmful free radicals. It also uses natural immunizers to protect the body from further infections and illness thereby promoting overall good health. The different kinds of master cleanse diets include the lemonade diet, maple syrup diet, ginger root and cayenne pepper diet. Some can also do a combination of all these to get the maximum benefit of the diet. It helps one lose weight faster as well as frees the body from fat and other harmful toxins.

Best detox diets #2 Acai Berry Diet

Acai berry is one of natures potent detox tools which also help the body in losing a lot of weight in the process. If combined with a regular exercise regimen, one will not just lose weight but also regain the natural healthy balance.

Best detox diets #3 Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit diet differs from others in that it is more of an accompaniment to your diet than being the main item. It consists of taking half a bowl of grapefruit before the main meals, especially breakfast and lunch. It gives you a lot of fibres and nutrients and paves the way for detoxing before your solid food intake starts. If also fills you up so that you eat less and thereby take in lesser calories.

Best detox diets #4Cabbage Soup Diet

It is a simple yet extremely effective diet which ranks high in popularity among natural dieters. In most cases dieting makes one feel constantly hungry which also creates high risk of binging. With a cabbage soup diet one can eat more without worrying about calories. Cabbage comes sans fat and calories and with lots of fibre which keeps one full for a longer time. And as a bonus it eases out of the system naturally detoxing the body.

Best detox diets #5 Juice Cleanse

This liquid diet plan is all about juice, all the time. This involves easing out of solid foods especially animal proteins and sticking to a juice diet for 1 -2 weeks depending on how well you are adjusting to it. Juices cleanse, flushes out toxins, raises the energy levels and dramatically curbs sweet carvings.

The best detox diet is however one that you can continue over a period of time. The easiest way to do so is to include certain foods into your daily diet and make them a regular feature. Some of these power foods include:

Green leafy vegetables
Raw vegetables
Broccoli Sprouts
Green Tea
Seeds and Nuts
Mung Beans
Chilli Pepper
Lemons, Oranges, and Limes
Omega-3 Oils

Once you have completed a detox regimen you can continue with easy detoxing by adding the above foods in your regular diet.