The law of attraction is a guiding principle in my life and the lives of many others. It works with the idea that we create our reality by our thoughts and feelings. But what if you end up attracting challenging or negative situations and people? What do we do when we manage to only get what we dont want?

Self-deception the Subconscious

The first step to manifesting what you want is to be clear about what you actually want, on all levels. Not what you think you should want, and not what you think you deserve. You may think on the surface that you want to be successful, happy, or healthy. But if there are any subconscious blocks or negative programming in place, you will manifest what you are used to, not what you truly desire.

And if you are vague about your desires, you are likely to manifest vague situations. If on some level you think you are unworthy of your wishes, or actually desire to play the victim or live in poverty, then that is what you will create. The subconscious may even sabotage your efforts at manifesting positive outcomes by creating limiting or negative behaviors. The subconscious is usually more powerful than conscious thoughts, until we start paying attention to it.

Align your conscious desires with your subconscious emotions. Examine your beliefs about your worth and desires. Be specific about what you want to create, and believe that it is possible for you.

Positive Consciousness and Focus

The next step is to choose to think in the positive. Consciousness does not understand negatives. When you think about something you do not want, you are still focusing on that negative outcome. For example, if you are worried about missing a flight, and the entire day you are focusing on the plane taking off without you, then you are likely to manifest a way to miss that flight. It would be more effective to visualize yourself boarding the plane in a leisurely fashion and safely arriving at your destination on time.

This works with language as well. If you obsessively think or speak about what you dont have or cant afford, you create more of that lack in your life. While it is important to be honest about your current situation, you can still use the power of language to create a future based on what you do want.

Stay in Wonder

There is more room for getting what you really want when you practice curiosity. Wondering about the positive outcomes that could happen allows more spontaneous manifestation of desired outcomes than worrying about what you hope doesnt happen. It also allows your imagination and life to surprise you with creative solutions and pleasant surprises.


The last secret key to positive manifestation is gratitude. If you can focus on what you appreciate, whatever the situation, your field becomes more magnetic. If you can combine that gratitude with focusing on what you want, then you are more likely to create those positive manifestations in your reality.

The power of focus has been a huge lesson in my life. I use to obsessively worry about what I didnt want to happen so much that I rarely enjoyed what was actually happening in my life. Little by little I learned to turn my attention towards what I did want to create, and that has made all the difference. Choosing to place your attention on what you truly want and cultivating gratitude can help you manifest the reality of your dreams.