If youre on the hunt for some good home workouts to do to help you reach your fitness goals without having to leave your basement, there are some great options to consider.

The good news is that you dont have to spend all that much money to get a good workout in. All you have to do is fully understand which workouts will deliver and which wont and then make sure that you stay committed to success.
This said, lets go over the top good home workouts that you should be thinking about doing.

If youre looking for good cardio workouts at home specifically, skipping simply cant be beat. Skipping is an excellent form of exercise because not only will it get your heart rate up high, but itll also help you strengthen both the upper as well as the lower body at the same time. In ten minutes of skipping youll burn about the same number of calories that you would burn with ten minutes of running, so its a very intensive form of fat loss exercise to do.

Next you have boxing. Boxing is another terrific at home workout and will work the upper body incredibly well, adding more muscle definition. Boxing can be performed with a simple set of boxing gloves and a punching bag, so it wont take up all that much room in your basement or garage. Good home workouts should always be something that you enjoy as well so that you stay committed and for most people, boxing is highly enjoyable as its a great way to release pent up tension. If you come home after work highly stressed out, taking it out on your punching bag is likely to give you a very high amount of psychological release.

Step Training
Moving along, another of the good cardio workouts at home to do is step training. Stepping up and down off a bench is a great way to strengthen the lower body while you also burn a significant amount of calories and get your heart in top shape. Note that the higher the step is that you use as you do this, the more glute activation youll get, while the lower step will call the quads into play slightly more. Just be sure that you are always having the knees track over the toes at all times as this is what will reduce your risk of knee pain.

Bodyweight Exercise
Finally, last but not least, dont forget about bodyweight exercises as a way to create your good home workouts. Bodyweight exercises are nice because theyll help to strengthen and define your muscles, while speeding up your metabolism. Some of the top bodyweight exercises to add to your good home workouts include push-ups, step ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups, and split squats. So next time youre in need of good home workouts, consider these variations. Choose one and alternate between them over the course of the week and youll have a fully stimulating and challenging protocol in place.