Most people think that food is only used for satisfying your hunger. You usually dont think about the various benefits that different food offers and you simply eat what you want. But did you know that there are foods that are called superfoods? These superfoods have a plethora of benefits that improve various parts of your body. However, the most important part that should be improved is your brain. The brain controls everything, and if your brain isnt working well, youll feel it. Without proper care, you will feel tired, uninterested, sad, depressed, unable to solve certain problems and tasks. Your memory will also suffer. A great alternative to these foods (or addition) is Kratom which has multiple positive aspects to it. You can drink Kratom tea or put it into juice and drink it. You can find Kratom on Kratomcrazy! Now, lets move on to the foods. These foods will help supercharge your brain and help it function efficiently. Lets talk about them!


Avocado are amazing. They are the fatty version of blueberries, and blueberries are great for promoting brain health. However, the word fatty shouldnt scare you as the fat is monounsaturated which helps promote healthy blood flow. They also lower blood pressure so, as you can see, the avocado is very healthy.

Brain berries

Brain berries are basically blueberries, and theyre called brain berries because of how great they are for brain health. Blueberries help protect your brain from stress and can help in reducing the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimers disease. Blueberries also improve brain power, improving your motor skills and learning capacity.


Nuts are a highly potent source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps reduce the effect of cognitive decline that happens due to old age. You can add various nuts to your diet since all of them are healthy and tasty. The more nuts you add to your diet, the more varied it is. Youll also be healthier!


Broccoli is quite the food. Its rich in Vitamin K that helps improve cognitive abilities and Choline which is great for improving memory. In general, people who eat lots of broccoli fare better on memory tests.


Tuna is not only tasty, but its healthy as well! Its rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help our brain cells stay healthy and active. Its also rich in Vitamin B which can help with battling Alzheimers disease. There are many ways to prepare tuna so get down on it!

Green leafy vegetables

In general, green leafy vegetables can help reduce brain damage and improve cognitive ability. Many vegetables fit into this category, but the most famous and most used one is probably spinach. There are other, similarly tasty green leafy vegetables that you can eat to improve your brain power so research the unlimited recipes which contain green leafy vegetables!

Cacao nibs

Chocolate. Chocolate is the tastiest food on this list (for most people), but that doesnt mean its not healthy. Dark Chocolate is the best chocolate as it contains a lot of cocoa which contains caffeine which, in turn, improve concentration and focus. Chocolate also improves mood. One ounce a day should be enough to receive all the benefits and, in the case of dark chocolate, dont eat more as it wont do you any good.

Olive oil

Olive oil is mostly considered a superfood that helps improve memory and focus. Olive oil is a much healthier alternative to regular sunflower oil that we use in cooking, but its more expensive. Nonetheless, we recommend you use olive oil instead of regular cooking oil.


Most of these foods are available at almost all shops and supermarkets. However, when it comes to vegetables or fruits, its much better to buy them fresh, so markets are a great option as most of the food that people sell on markets are fresh. All in all, adding these foods to your diet will provide you with a lot of benefits and, in general, improve your brain power!