Some time ago, the protein shakes were considered as a secret weapon in the world of bodybuilders. The shakes were consumed by bodybuilders to enhance the muscle mass. Dieters took advantage of their appetite suppression and calories control properties. And people with healthy lifestyle praised the shakes for their content of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

The contemporary studies shows that meal replacement shakes can actually be useful for the purposes above. Therefore, if you support good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, the shakes can become your best friend to make a proper solution for your health. However, you should remember that the shakes could be different depending on the brand. Nevertheless, if you need detailed reviews of most marketed shakes, you should browse such websites as The following information will give you some understanding about the proper qualities and content of protein shakes.

Shake Content

It is the basics of any product. The modern shakes can be overfilled with numerous ingredients, which do not necessarily make them healthier. The main ingredient of a good shake is protein and its amount should be no less than 12g. The other components include fiber, and various minerals and vitamins. Pay attention to the sugar added. Ideally, the sugar content should not exceed 1g, and it should be of natural source. Avoid any artificial sweeteners, because most of them are not healthy at all.

Shake as a Meal Replacement

If you are going to use the shake to replace your meal, the wide opportunities become available for you. Any shake can be customized to meet your particular requirements. You can add various ingredients at your option. When doing this procedure you should pay attention to the energy volume and carbohydrates of ingredients you add. I.e., if your shake is overfilled with carbohydrates, try to avoid adding fruits or supplements rich in carbs. Besides fruits, people usually add berries, vegetables, nuts, peanut butter, wheat or oat bran etc. The properly prepared shake can serve as a perfect meal replacement for your daily needs. At the same time, do not indulge in the thought to replace all your meals with the protein shakes. The nutrition values of any shake can not replace the full meal entirely. The shakes are good for the replacement of one or maximum two meals a day. Try to use them only as a supplement to your ration to gain better results.

Shake as a Snack

A profound training exhausts the resources of your body, therefore, it is recommended to nurture your organism both before and after any workout with a snack or protein bar. Thus, a shake is a great solution for both the people aimed at losing weight or gaining muscle mass, because it is a very convenient drink providing the required amount of calories, fiber and protein. Several studies proved that the consumption of protein shakes or bars within a healthy ration brings better results either in losing weight or muscle building, depending on your training program.

Endurance and Muscle Building

Have you seen athletes in the gym, which consume smoothies or shakes? There is a huge number of them, because such drinks are very effective after any workout. The reason is as follows. The microfibers of your muscles are torn down after the intense workout. The body needs nutrients for their repair, which results in the enhancement of muscle volume and strength. Therefore, the body needs to be fed within an hour after the training. The protein is the key component in such muscle repair. The whey protein is considered the best protein source providing your body with the proper amino acids to increase the repair, i.e. the growth, of your muscles. Carbohydrates also play an important role during the training in replenishing sugar in the muscles. Thus, the shake is the proper combination of carbs, fiber and protein required to raise blood sugar level and to provide the needed endurance for your muscles.


The main health benefit of the shakes is their completion with various minerals, nutrients, vitamins, protein, carbs, and fiber to serve a good replacement for a daily meal. The lower amount of calories compared to full meals is another advantage, because this fact makes them a perfect solution for the people trying to manage their weight. It means that you can replace one meal a day with a shake, thereby reducing the daily calories.


Despite the numerous positive moments, the shakes have some potential risks. Since the protein shakes are classified as dietary supplements according to the rules of USDA, they subject to other regulations than foods. Therefore, some manufacturers use various claims in their advertisements without any scientific support. To get a truthful data becomes a challenge for most users. Naturally, there are products, which compose of natural ingredients, but the market also has the shakes containing much fat or sugar, which can make damage to your health.

Bottom Line

Using shakes instead of full meals can bring results, because they provide enough nutrients and calories for your body. However, there is no guarantee that a particular shake will be useful. Unfortunately, some meal replacement shakes contain ingredients, which can be rather harmful to your health; therefore, you should be very careful in reviewing the shakes and examining the ingredient labels of your choice.