The truth is that almost everyone suffers from cracked heels at one point in their life! It tends to be a little worse during the winter months, but a large percentage of people deal with this problem year round! There are lots of expensive treatments available on the market but there are some really good home remedies that have been known to work miracles for cracked heels!

Before you go to sleep at night, try to apply sesame oil on your feet. It is great for the affected area and will bring a feeling of relief to the area.

Soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes and soap them up. The loose skin particles will come off. Rub the area gently to avoid further irritation.

Use a lemon scrub Mix one teaspoon of Vaseline with some lemon juice. Apply this to the area generously. You can also apply the lemon directly to the skin, but Vaseline is recommended to coat the area.

Massage your heels with sesame oil before going to bed.

Honey Dip To soften up your feet, mix a cup of Honey with a gallon of water. Let your feet soak in this mixture for 20-25 minutes. Your heals will no longer be dry and it will look as though your cracked heels have completely been cured! If you see success with this home remedy, it is important to add it to your routine and do it often to avoid the reoccurrence of cracked heels.

The best thing to do is learn preventative techniques. In other words, learn how to prevent getting cracked heels, and then you wont have to worry about healing them!

Make sure you are wearing the right size footwear. Wearing the wrong size shoes is the best way to get cracked heels. Shoes should be comfortable and snug fitting, and make sure they dont rub or scratch you.
Naturally, keep your feet clean by exfoliating them, and keeping shoes on them when walking on rough surfaces. If you walk on rocks and rough surfaces, you are allowing abrasions on your skin as well as dirt deposits. Cleanliness is Godliness, especially when it comes to preventing cracked heels!

Keep your feet well moisturized, especially the heels. There are lots of expensive creams out there that work wonders, and there are also inexpensive creams out there that are just as great. You can find a great moisturizer at a decent price that will help prevent cracked heels without cracking your wallet!

If all else fails you may want to have a check to see if you are allergic to anything, because it could be an allergic reaction, or in some cases even a chemical reaction. If your shoes are made from a fabric that doesnt agree with your skin, it could definitely cause a rash or chaffing.