Cosmetic surgery is a type of elective plastic surgery performed to improve appearance. There are several procedures included under the umbrella of cosmetic surgery, all of which are done for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic surgery is safe, but patients are encouraged to research their options and ensure their doctors are licensed and experienced before committing to any procedure. All surgical procedures include risk, but cosmetic procedures are generally low-risk.

There are many reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery, but cosmetic surgery is specifically intended to improve a persons appearance and help her feel better about how she looks. Though nobody should expect to have a perfect life following a cosmetic surgery procedure, it can help a person feel more confident. This boost of confidence is the reason many people opt for cosmetic procedures. After years of battling confidence issues related to appearance, cosmetic surgery offers a brand new start.

Nagging Flaws

Everyone has at least one thing they would change about their appearance if given the opportunity. Cosmetic surgery provides the opportunity to do so. Nagging flaws in ones appearance might not seem like a big deal on the surface, but living with those flaws over a lifetime can take a toll on a persons self esteem. We look in the mirror every day and at least a few seconds are spent focused on the flaws. We apply makeup, alter our hairstyles, or stress over what others think of the things we do not like. We tell ourselves these flaws affect our overall appearance and we wish we looked different. Many people spend far more than just a few seconds focused on these flaws. No matter how strong-willed a person, this negative self-talk has an effect and lowers our confidence. Having a better attitude or focusing on positive qualities helps, but it is much easier to eliminate the flaws causing these bad feelings.


Even people who were once happy with their appearance benefit from cosmetic surgery. As we age, changes occur in our bodies and leave us feeling less confident than we once were. Cosmetic surgery reverses the affects of aging. Though it cannot provide more time in our lives, it can restore our appearance and help us feel less resigned to the changes our bodies experience as they age.

Professional Life

One of the areas of life that cosmetic surgery most affects is a persons professional life. When you feel awkward or uneasy about your appearance it comes across in your attitude and ambition. Unfortunately, people allow their appearance flaws to limit their accomplishments in the workplace. Even if others are not judging you by your appearance, and some likely are, it still helps you change something you do not like. Feeling more confident increases the likelihood you will take chances, speak out, and be bold about achieving your professional goals.

Choosing cosmetic surgery to boost your confidence ends the cycle of feeling bad about your appearance and creates a whole new cycle of feeling great. Feeling unhappy about your appearance creates negative emotion. These feelings are visible and affect your appearance, which affects how people react to you. People reacting poorly makes you feel even worse and the cycle continues. Changing your appearance with a cosmetic procedure improves how you feel about your look, which leads to behaving with more confidence. People react to your new positive attitude and in turn, you to carry yourself with grace and beauty. A new cycle is created, all because you made changes to your appearance with a cosmetic procedure.