The chances of having toxicity in the body under the conditions that we live in these days are pretty high. Not only are we regularly exposed to environmental toxins such as industrial pollutants and insecticides, our bodies can also experience toxicity due to prescription medications and antibiotics. Furthermore, an excess of certain food types can cause toxicity in the body, particularly if we are not regularly cleansing our systems of these toxins, or eating a diet that is rich in anti-oxidants.

What are the Signs of Toxicity in the Body?

Many of the bodily symptoms we take for granted could be signs of toxicity in the body. There is a long list including allergies and food intolerances, sleep problems, heartburn, digestive difficulties, bloating, mood imbalances including PMT and other hormonal issues, acne and skin conditions, bad breath, gas or stools, frequent headaches, colds, congestion or viruses, low energy and yeast infections.

All of these conditions, and more, are your bodys way of telling you that it is out of balance. It may be out of balance as the levels of toxicity are too high.

What is the Danger of Too Many Toxins?

Many diseases occur because the body is out of whack and inflamed. The body has the ability to keep itself synthesized. However, we can make this difficult for our bodies to do by ingesting and creating toxicity in our systems. Toxicity can be accountable for diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Dementia, Depression and Mood Disorders, Cancer, Heart Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Ulcers, Chrons and Colitis.

Many imbalances originate in the gut. The gut is known as the second brain as there is a distinct feedback loop between the gut and the brain. Attending to the gut can be key in the alleviation of mood disorders for example, including depression. It is possible for toxic bacteria, yeast and fungus to build up in the gut. This can impact on a number of the bodys organs and systems and affect normal functioning. Adjustments to diet can help restore the gut to a healthy balance. Taking supplements such as probiotics can be beneficial.

How Can I Reduce Toxicity?

To keep your body as free from toxins as possible it is essential to drink plenty of filtered water. The recommended amount is between eight to ten glasses a day. Water flushes toxins out of your system. It is also important that you are digesting food sufficiently and eliminating food properly, once to twice a day. Diet can help with this. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables each day and reducing the consumption of processed or refined foods (such as white flour or sugar) will aid healthy digestion. Eat organic foods. This is not a fad.

Organic produce is not manipulated with chemicals and so is as close to a natural food source as possible. You do not want to be adding toxins, such as pesticides, to your body.

Similarly, steer clear of other consumables that may be toxic to your body. Avoid unnecessary drugs including those in cigarettes and alcohol. Also, cut out toxic thinking. This may sound a little bit out there but your body is a dynamic organism and the brain and body are constantly receiving information from each other. Your body is affected by your thinking.

In understandable terms, when you dwell upon an anxious thought, your body responds by releasing chemicals associated with the fear system. You begin to experience the sensation of anxiety in your body and this interferes with healthy functioning. Do your best to be gentle in your thinking and realize the importance of relaxation. Stress is very toxic to the body.

Finally, replace some of the toxic foods you consume with food that is detoxifying. Half a squeezed lemon in hot water is a wonderfully refreshing way to start the day and will cleanse your system. Drink it before you have brushed your teeth as the acidic content can be damaging for the enamel.

Eat plenty of fibrous fruit and vegetables and include garlic and onions wherever you can. Garlic and onions are excellent for purifying the blood. Make sure you are exercising your body at least three to four times a week and be mindful to include movement throughout each day. Moving around encourages your blood and lymphatic system to circulate, eliminating the risk of toxins building up. Massage and reflexology are a great way of flushing out excess toxins if you can treat yourself regularly this will be of enormous benefit to your body.

You can massage your own feet, or get used to brushing your skin after showering. This cleanses your skin and can help reduce toxic build up such as cellulite. Finally, have a sauna. As with vigorous exercise, a sauna makes your body sweat. Your body eliminates toxins when it sweats.

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