Lip augmentation is a method used to restore a plump appearance to aging lips. Like many parts of the body, lips lose their smooth, full appearance as we get older. Natural substances in our bodies decrease with age, causing our skin to sag, dry, wrinkle, and crease. The lips are no exception, but they can be especially bothersome because they are such a prominent feature on the face. There are treatments that allow you to restore the plump, youthful appearance of your lips, but none of them are permanent.

Is lip augmentation worth the cost if it only lasts a short time? Many believe it is. There are three different options patients can choose for lip augmentation and each offers different results. If you are considering lip augmentation to restore the fullness to your lips, know the facts before you undergo the procedure.

Collagen injections are the only animal-based lip augmentation option. Because of this your skin will need to be tested prior to the injection. This is done each time you have an injection because your allergic reactions can change over time. Collagen injections are estimated to last three to six months. That is a pretty wide range, so it is important to plan accordingly. For instance, if you have a big event in your future and you want your lips looking their best, schedule your injection treatment a month or two before the event date.

Fat injections are the second lip augmentation options. Fat injections are exactly as they sound: fat is injected into your lips to restore their plump appearance. No allergy testing is needed prior to this procedure because the fat used in the injections is harvested right from your own body. You read that right. Body fat is taken from an area of the body where you do not want it and added to an area where you do want it. It sounds like a dream come true, but it also only lasts three to six months. If you opt for this choice, you might be undergoing injections up to four times a year. (I know what you are thinking: the more procedures you have, the more fat that is pulled from your body. Yes, but the amounts are small and it would take a lifetime for lip augmentation to equal a few hours on the treadmill.)

Your final option is lip augmentation with a project known as Restylane. This is a gel based formula similar to the natural hyaluronic acid in the body. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for giving skin its smooth, full appearance, but as we age, hyaluronic acid levels decrease. Injecting the gel into your lips restores that plump, full appearance. Best of all, Restylane injections tend to last at least of six months. This is great news for people who only want to undergo injection procedures twice a year or those with sensitivity to the injections. Side effects are mild, but some people experience redness and swelling. The less you have to deal with that the better.

If you are having a difficult time deciding which lip augmentation injection is right for you, speak to a cosmetic surgeon. He or she can give personal recommendations and discuss your specific situation and goals for the procedure.