Dark armpits can be a reason of embarrassment especially for women, so if youre looking for tips on how to lighten armpits, you might want to check our recommendations and the solutions given below. However, before getting familiar with the most used and effective remedies for dark armpits, you should understand why this problem is so common and whether its caused by a medical condition or by other reasons.

Lets know what causes dark armpits?

1. Bad hygiene habits

One of the most common reasons causing the darkening of armpits is shaving, as hairs are cut just below skins surface instead of being pulled off. Using hair removal creams has the same effect, as hairs arent removed from the root through this method either.

Then, the accumulation of dead cells and excessive use of deodorants can lead to darker armpits. Chemicals in antiperspirants often cause hyperpigmentation so this can be another explanation for your dark armpits.

2. Inappropriate clothing

Dark armpits can also be caused by tight clothes worn on a daily basis and by inappropriate clothing, made of synthetic materials. Friction between skin and materials can caused darkening by damaging skin in armpits.

3. Medical conditions

Another common reason for dark armpits is diabetes, this medical condition causing skins hyperpigmentation as a result of too high blood sugar levels. Also, a condition called acanthosis nigricans can be responsible for the darkening of armpits.

Obesity triggered by diabetes or not can also lead to dark armpits. Heredity, birth control pills and hormonal imbalances have been listed among the potential causes of this problem as well.

How to lighten armpits at home

If your problem is caused by shaving or the use of creams and deodorants rich in chemicals, the best solution is to switch to waxing, as this method pulls off hairs from their roots and delays the growth of new ones, making your armpits look lighter for longer.

The solution for dark armpits caused by dead cells accumulation is exfoliation. Use a soft scrub or loofah to remove dead cells after shower, but dont overdo it as you may end up damaging the sensitive skin.

If youre looking into how to lighten armpits pigmentation caused by inappropriate clothing, the easiest to apply solution is to switch to wearing clothes made of skin-friendly materials, such as cotton or fabrics that allow your skin to breathe.

Rubbing the underarms with lemon juice, applying home-made lightening masks containing yogurt, turmeric powder and lime juice, using a moisturizer after waxing the armpits, applying tiny potatoes slices on the affected skin as well as washing the area with rose water can help in reducing the disturbing aspect of darkened skin.

Another solution for those wondering how to lighten armpits at home refers to applying cucumber juice on the affected area, using a cotton ball. Mixtures made from milk, saffron, lime juice and turmeric powder are very efficient in lightening the area when applied weekly.

Besides these home solutions for dark armpits, there are also medical treatments available out there but theyre usually more expensive. Unless youre willing to invest in a cosmetic procedure for getting rid of this problem, you should stick to home-made, natural solutions such as those recommended above to all those wondering how to lighten armpits efficiently.

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